Gaming shopkeepers/bar staff and also in busy libraries

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    Gaming shopkeepers/bar staff and also in busy libraries

    Hey.......just wondering the best way to game store workers......specifically, places where the target is not likely to be isolated such as shopkeepers or bar staff. Im not talking about large clothing stores or those huge multipurpose stores where the hbs are just floating about because you have a better oppurtunity to isolate them and build rapport, but for shopkeepers or bar staff, they are under more scrutiny from work collegues and also customers could walk in at anytime so there is less time. i do mostly direct approaches.....ive done nearly 200 approaches now......but in such confined situations, how do you game them? uni library has lots of hbs in......i can mostly pluck up the courage to approach one if they arnt surrounded by people....but not if the target is surrounded by other people.....or, even worse, when the target is working with a group of classmates or friends on a group project. How do you get past these cockblockers? Is it even worth gaming her if shes with a group working......especially if some of them are guys? Cheers. I guess this is even more advanced stuff?

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    1. You're going to need to get comfortable with opening groups. Learn how to be charming, watch videos on famous leaders and how they handle crowds. Think president Clinton and how he'd work a room. You have to be confident and comfortable. 2. Don't worry about what the by-standers and on-lookers think; your only focus should be the girl in the library. As far as her working with a group, 1 applies here. Be friendly to everyone, and if a guy tries to cockblock you destroy/brush him off.

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