How many girls have you fucked?
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    How many girls have you fucked?

    What's a good response when asked this? I don't like lying, but if i tell the truth a lot of girls will run. So what's a good way to divert this question?

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  2. You have been saving yourself for her all your life and can't wait till your married to lose your virginity on your honeymoon!

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    Watch Vince in "Entourage" - he answers this one a couple of times like a boss

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    Entourage is badass... Haha...

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    "I've fucked 18 girls since lunch- does that make me a man whore?"

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    "I feel uncomfortable talking about how many women I've had sex with. It's personal to me, and I'm happy you understand that."

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    I like that one Boston, I might change it around a little and use it.

    "Today? It's only (insert time) , so 18. Does that make me a man whore?"

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    Respond "how many girls have you fucked?"

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    By the way, her asking this is an IOI

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    I agree with you guys where you say you've fucked X amount of women in the last X amount of time (jokingly, of course).

    But I feel that type of line should be used when you're out at a club with friends and the music is really loud. The environment and logistics fit better when you use this type of routine around social groups, dancing, and a pretty big gathering of people.

    Using that type of line when you're on a date with a woman you met on the street, online, or, anywhere that's NOT a nightclub/venue would be pretty useless, IMHO.

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