Number closes in daygame
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    Number closes in daygame

    yesterday it was queens day in Holland, so me and my buddy went out to hit on the girls by using direct approaches and stacking forward to another day game routine.
    and the girls liked it i mean they where giggling there asses of sometimes.

    So my game has been improved since i began with this whole ting.

    But now there is some thing i wanted to know...
    how long should I wait to ask her phone number?
    Mystery says it 45 minutes if your out in a club (flake less number)
    so how long should i wait in day game for asking her phone number?

    hope to hear soon from you guy's and thanks for you time

  2. As a night gamer, I don't believe this time constraint as 45 min. in a club. I think that there is no general timing in any kind of game. It can be 1 min. up to 45min. or more, it all depends to you and people you are interacting with. So for you, from my experience from night game I can tell you that u should find your time window. You will feel it when the time is good to take the number. It is like kissing. You feel the right moment and kiss the girl, there is no specific time. So it should be same as night in day game I think. When u feel that the interaction is ok than you can go for the number. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by striker_o View Post
    As a night gamer, I don't believe this time constraint as 45 min. in a club.
    I heard it from Mystery, but i am not sure if he was talking about something else...
    so yeah.
    But thanks for the advice

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