MÜNCHEN (groups, wingmen......)
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  1. MÜNCHEN (groups, wingmen......)

    Hey guys,

    glad to be here, I'm 23, I'm Spanish and soon I'm planing to move to Munich to spend all summer and, if able, stay there to live(i guess around one and a half month and I'll be there). Because of that, I'd like to find some kind of wingman or a group to be there and sargue when able

    I'm also moderator in an Spanish forum and I study seduction for almost 6 years, so I will have no problem to teach someboby whatever he wants if he thinks it's worth.

    So, if there's someone interested, please, just post and we'll find the way to keep in touch. Thanks and see you soon

  2. Hey r_u_b_e_b,
    I'll be in Munich May 31 to June 4th. Let me know if you want to sarge.

  3. Wingman

    Hello friends,
    I live in Germany for 10 years now and am on the "hunt" pretty often the last time. It would be a pleasure for me to meet some other players and exchange our expierience or go out together to make pretty girls happy.

    Contact me on facebook:


    Nicolas Drago

  4. #4

    Hi guys,
    am just starting into this after a long term relationship breakup and wanna go out a lot in the next month both day and night. Am just coming back from a bootcamp and ready to roll :-)

    Some wings to game and have fun along would be great.


  5. Will be in the city from 25 - 28 August. I consider myself an intermediate with solid day game. Let me know if you'll be spending any time in this period chatting up girls, more than happy to lead/follow/coach/push into sets.

  6. he dudes. im a brit guy looking for a wing man to do some day game in in munich next week end 3-4 may, im learning german, i can't speak much though

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