Stopped mid handjob

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    Stopped mid handjob

    Day two with an hb7. We are having a good time. I take every chance I can to kino and escalate. I have the most bad ass spot to take women, secluded but not creepy, overlooking the downtown skyline. Awesome. We kiss here. Afterward we come back to my place. I make us some drinks. We make out. I put her hand on my dick. We continue making out. I unbutton. She begins to stroke it. Then after a couple minutes she stops and stops making out.

    What do you do? And how do you move forward?

    I can tell you what I did.

  2. Some thread titles really draw you in an make you curious...'Stopped mid hand job' is definitely one of them.

    In those circumstances you could have eased off a little, maybe talked then ramped up the sexual escalation later. The worst thing you could have done would have been to make a big thing of it, ask 'what's wrong?' or get stroppy about it.

    As for what you do now...carry on as normal. Take her on another date, don't mention it. This kind of thing is totally normal. As Savoy always says if you make a big deal of it then it will become a big deal.

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    Agreed with above post.

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    Yea I agree completely. I just said ok that's cool and brought her in to cuddle a bit. Just going to pretend it didn't happen next time we go out. And... Try again!

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