Is the girl still interested?

Ok I met this girl a few weeks ago. She is a pretty big christian. We have been on 2 mini dates. She gave me plenty of IOIs on these dates. She actually initiated the texting on a lot of days. Last thursday (about 8 days ago) was the last date we went on. She texted me like 15 min afterwards telling me how she had a great time. After we did a couple of texts she told me to text her the next morning. So I did but I only texted her a few times that day. All was going well just light texting and flirting. So then this past sunday (5 days ago) we set up a date for yesterday to go on a nature walk. She was excited about it. So I said great then its settled. She didn't text back to this. So I skipped texting her monday and tuesday. She didnt text me any which is fine with me. So I texted her wednesday with just some light joking around but the thing is she was really short with me. Then yesterday before the date I contacted her just to set up the logistics but she said she was gonna pick up a shift for one of her coworkers so she couldn't and that she was sorry. So I said its cool no worries. She didn't respond to this at all and still hasn't texted me today. Normally I wouldn't worry about it and just move on but the thing is she was into me and giving me IOIs and then all of sudden this. So I should I ask her about it or what?