Not dating exclusively?
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    Not dating exclusively?

    So this girl I've been seeing (twice) has decided that we should go back to being non-exclusive and see what happens.

    Granted we've only been on two dates so this isn't a crazy thing this just hasn't happened to me.

    Usually I meet a girl and we fuck for a couple days then I try to get rid of her.

    This time I'm actually interested in something more so its uncharted territory.

    Thanks for your answers guys.

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    What's your question? I see five statements, no question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boston_019 View Post
    What's your question? I see five statements, no question.
    I agree. You barely gave us incentive to figure out where you're coming from.

    But.. with the information you gave out, I'd say the best option is to agree with her completely, start hooking up with other women (while giving absolutely no attention to this one) and, until she reaches out to you to have sex/go out, better yourself a bit. She's probably pulling away because either a) another guy's in the picture and she wants to test the waters or b) she already got bored with you after 2 dates and wants better things.

    Hold your self-respect and show her your value by not sitting on the sidelines for her future decision about you two. It's your judgment.

  4. If it never happened before that a girl suggested this to you and you are usually the one to break it off it might be that you got a little too invested too quickly. That might have freaked her out a bit.

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    If you're looking for something more, you need to slow down a bit on hooking up and work on getting to know them. Most of the girls you're hooking up with are prob. seeing other guys, so they're not going to emotionally invest in you if that's already going on elsewhere.

    Trying to get rid of someone is a really bad idea unless there's something toxic about her, or you really have nothing in common to keep it going outside the bedroom.

    Because you will get that girl who calls up and says "remember when we hooked up 3 months ago? Guess what? You're going to be a daddy!" All she needs is the element of doubt that you didn't use protection to take advantage of the situation.

    Even if you're not, just the fact she put that in your head will throw your game off for the next 6 months.

    But if you saw her twice, who made the call on exclusivity for it to be non-exclusive? It's not a promise you should be making someone you're not in a relationship with, unless it's a 2 week fling and you both agree to be together the whole time, that's more "summer romance" mindset.

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