Advice for a former smoker?
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    Advice for a former smoker?

    So after ten years smoking (and for the last year a pack a day, the other 9 years was like half or so)

    I stopped cold turkey three months ago, and feel great haven't had any cravings even when having drinsks with people who is smoking,'...

    However my fitness level is very low

    What do you recommend me to do in order to build up my stamina and be able to run a decent mile without being out if breath? I am also to eventually start running 5k races or even more

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    I have been smoking almost 13 years. Last year I quit smoking for 4 months and it was ok, I could handle the hang-out with my friends. I quit smoking again for a month. Three years ago a started goping to gym. This is the first step you should take. Secondly, don't do the trendmill. If you want to run, run in the park, in the street etc. Also, short mileages in the beginning.

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    I gotta disagree
    I used to train people how to run and I would definitely suggest the treadmill for you
    It's great because you can control all the settings for your run
    Start with a slight incline 5% for you to begin with and do a slow jog on your treadmill
    Go long but only with intermediate difficultly
    Make sure once you feel comfortable with that you increase the incline and speed so you keep training your body

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    Thank you!! Will try!!

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    The treadmill is bad because you run in an enclosed area thus the air might be bad especially for a smoker. Alot of people feel like choking. Nothing compares with running free in the park or at the stadium.

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    As above, don't bother with treadmill... run outside when the weather is good or get a bike
    I was a smoker for 7 years. still smoke occasionally but not anywhere near as much.
    If you want to burn fat and get your fitness up quick then you need to be raising/lowering your heart rate as much as possible in a reletivly short space of time. (i.e. don't sit on a machine on an average setting for an hour!This is what I did/do and I have lost 5kg's in 9 weeks so far and my energy levels have gone up soo much its really supprised me. I was KO'd come half 5 in the afternoon with no motivation. Now I feel like going out and climbing a mountain at the end of the day:

    Start on the cross trainer. easy level for 5 mins as a warm up then i do 1 minuite giving it your all on a high level followed by 1 minute back on the easy level up to 20 mins. (this will get your heart rate going up to its max and back down to a normalish level in quick succesion. This is what burns fat and boosts your energy)

    bike. again 5 min warm up on easy level but then 30 seconds flat out on high level followed by 30 seconds back on easy. 15 mins in total

    Arm bike (the one where you pedel with your arms) - same as bike

    Rowing machine - highest setting, 2000 meters. I aim to do that in 8 mins dead.

    There really isn't any point in doing much more cardio than 45 mins- 1 hour. Small amounts often is the way forwards. After a week or so, you will actually crave exercise!
    As far as weights go... don't bother for a good few weeks. Get some weight off you first and that will improve you're look.
    Personally i don't want to get big or look like a gym freak. Once you get into it just do lots of reps per set on a light weight i.e. 20 - 25kg. No point in trying to lift the full stack and end up looking like a profeshional male stripper. Not sure girls actually like the totaly ripped, bodybuilder look and everyone will think you're really insecure!

    Joining a gym is a must if you ask me, then when you feel the time is right then maybe look at taking up something like rock climbing or cycling where there's social oppertunities and you will be working out while enjoying yourself!!

    Hope that helps

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    Hiking is good. You don't have to run it, just maintain a brisk pace.

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    Thanks Boston and Will curt, sound advice since I aim to increase my energy

    After working all day the last thing I want to do is stay at home laying on the couch watching Tv, I want to have the stamina to do more activities and feel like I used my day wisely

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    no problem mate! Like I said, I'm on my 10th week and the results are amazing! I get home from the gym about half 9 - 10 in the evening and I'm buzzing to the point where I actually want to go out and do something else. Like you said, you are acheaving nothing by sitting around watching mindless crap on TV! Ok its not a social place but being around people is a bonus. It can be quite good fun people watching in these places, espechally the real sado's who just pump iron and check themselves out in the mirror every 5 seconds! Theres one group of guys that are there ALL the time and one guy inparticular is just tottaly in love with himself. They keep me entertained!!
    So dont think about it, just do it!!
    On a side note, it is very worth while going and joining the most expensive/nicest gym in your area! The equipment is better, atmosphere will be much more relaxed, the caliber of fellow gym users is much higher and you will get more benefits. For example, I'm with my local Bannatines gym. Its 50 a month (about 20-30 more than the cheapo place down the road) but its well worth it. You get free use of the pool, spa, sauna, steam room, sun beds, all the fitness classes and there's free parking. Its open 7 days a week untill 11pm and if you fancy an early morning workout to get you motivated for the day then they open at 6am and offer a healthy breakfast for around 2. So you can have a work out and have a good breakfast before work. Its ideal!

  10. Start off with low intensity cardio. Build up your heart and lungs first or else you would feel like youre dying if you attempted any of the exercises above. If your body is not used to the fast heart rate, you can feel nauseated and vomit, causing discomfort and pain. Slowly transition into a intense workout, you'll know soon enough, as you'll have to push harder everytime to get your heart rate to its desired level.

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