Calling out girls on a lie?
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  1. Calling out girls on a lie?

    Hey Guys,

    Thoughts on calling out girls on a lie! Asked a girl to hang out tomorrow and she said shes got work.. but tomorrow is a public holiday (shes dumb as dogshit, but smoking hot lol)
    but this isn't the only example, im sure If i think deep enough i can.

    My example is a pretty trival one, but would one rather call her out on it or just lightly point it out?

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    If she's fairly hooked (has a reason to respond to you), call her out playfully. "Dude, tomorrow's a holiday! Don't you wanna go to the beach??"

    If not... show that you're socially graceful, giving her a way to bow out or continue. "Man, even trees get arbor day off [or something]. Your boss must hate you!"

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    Where does she work?
    I've had to drag my ass into work on public holidays

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    maybe its the truth. Maybe its not. Youre not supposed to care tho.

    If she offered you to hang out at a different time then you can take that but if she didnt offer you another time then you shouldnt waste your time asking this girl out multiple times.

    Yea you can call her out but if shes telling the truth then youre screwed for her hitting you up down the line.

    a no is a no regardless of the faggot ass excuse you are given.

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