Date with a girl you're not into?
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    Date with a girl you're not into?

    So the basic situation is that I am going on a date with a girl. We're going to play some cards, and I am going to hand out a thorough beating no probs. That's the easy part. She initially picked the date because she knew I liked playing cards, and I said yes. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was a date. I probably would have said yes anyways though as there are qualities I appreciate about her.

    When I like a girl I can come off as funny and charming. When I don't, I'm not so certain I can. Does anyone have some tips? For clarification this girl is an absolute bomb shell and sexxxyyy. She actually used to be a model for a pub chain. I typically go for cute girls, so it's a little bit of an odd situation for me as I know she's attractive but I'm not certain she's my type. I also thought this girl was interested in me as a friend more-so as I haven't given her any signs otherwise, but apparently not.

    Any tips here?

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    Just be up front with her about it... Don't need karma comin after ya

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    just enjoy it. as long as she doesn't have high expectations about the outcome, I don't see the problem in you two having a good time

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    It doesn't matter if shes a total 11 or not if you really aren't interested in seeing her why bother?

    Go for someone who is equally hot but who you want to spend time with otherwise what do you gain?

  5. What kind of date is it to go to a card-game?
    Also thinly veiled brag about having a bomb shell chasing you who you aren't into

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    Yeah, if you're not into her why sweat it? Go out and be your usual self.

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