Gf hinting at moving in together sometime...I think

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    Gf hinting at moving in together sometime...I think

    Ok so a little background on me... This is the 1st gf I have had in years and we have been dating for the past 2 months. So we were doing a little bit of sexting and then she said this

    "lol, well hopefully there will be a time when you can come home and jump in the bed with me immediately =)"

    So my question is when would be the right time to bring up moving in together? Also we both have been throwing around hints about, but I just don't want to bring it up too soon and seem like I'm rushing things. So if you guys or gals can help me out that would be great.

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    Talking from experience, before you do something like that ask yourself where does the idea of moving in comes from...

    Is it out of need, fear of losing her?

    If yes, then yes it is too early for that

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    Don't you think it is a little early? Dude that's a big commitment and a huge lifestyle change. And how long are y'all going to live together? You want to marry her?

    Ok I think I pushed it a bit, but I really would think through this stuff. 2 months. Is. Fast.

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    Yea I understand all that and I was not going to ask anytime soon. I just wanted to get some feedback on others experience for later down the road. But thx...I know it's something to really think about. It's just been on my mind recently so I want to stop in and asked.

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    Don't move in after 2 months. Hell, the relationship is barely exclusive at this point. Get to know each other some more. Moving in should be saved for a year or more down the road imo.

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    Who's paying her bills?

    Get to know her for a couple of years and how she handles her finances. Don't move in with someone unless they've been able to manage their own money and handle their own rent. Economy's been hard, but in 2 years' time, you should have a clear idea on her responsibility level.

    She's everything she thinks you want from a woman.. right now. Let her keep wanting the romance for now, the fantasies of waking up together every morning.

    When you both can afford a place that has 2 bathrooms - go for it.

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    Spot on Sdnightfly, as usual

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    Everyone does this differently, but here's my 2 cents:

    1.) Wait until the honeymoon period is over (6 months-1 year) depending on how often you see each other. Then your emotions have calmed down a bit you'll have a better idea of what she's like when she's not on her best behavior.

    2.) Make sure you are both financially stable when moving in with each other. If you get an apartment, make sure you are both on the lease. Basically, what the guys above said. Financial issues can ruin a relationship.

    3.) If you're gonna move in with her, the next step is marriage. Make sure she is someone you are seriously considering marrying before making such a commitment.

    4.) Try spending a few weeks with each other before moving in. If after a week you start getting on each others' nerves, it's probably not a good idea to move in together.

    5.) Have a backup plan. If things blow up, do you have friends you can crash with while you find a new place? Can you stay with parents? It helps to have a Plan B.

    6.) Make sure whatever place you move into is big enough for your needs. For example, if you know you're an introvert and need your space, while she's extroverted and loves to chat on the phone/watch TV 24/7, it's probably not a good idea to get a studio.

    7.) The sex WILL decrease if you move in together. It's a romantic thought, waking up with your partner next to you, but day after day it will become routine. Sometimes it's better to just live apart so the moments together will be more special. Just think about your needs and listen to your gut.


  9. Is this not a text book example straight out of The Way of the Superior Man? The girl just wanted to picture something romantic and the man misinterprets and thinks there is something for him to fix. She wants to day dream for a short while about how nice and sweet it would be to share a bedroom with her boyfriend. She wanted to taste the thought of it, and why wouldn't she, it is a very sweet thought. But the man misunderstands and goes into his logical mind. Now he's thinking about all the logistics of moving in together and about the fact that it might be too early to do it. Well, of course it is too early, and she knows this too. Again, she just wanted to enjoy the sweet thought of you living together, but the op thought it was a hint or some request.

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    Above two posters are SPOT ON. Loving it

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