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    A big issue in the “community” is this notion that women need to be “picked up”. I think right at the base a subtle flaw is implicit of the techniques dating coaches and PUA’s teach. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re going to “seduce” women. They’re not stupid they know what you’re up to and in most cases I’d argue the girl seduces the guy just as much as he seduces her. I’ve read stories of PUA’s where the girl will say “you didn’t pick me up, I picked you up.”

    Women want to be approached and attracted. They want to have SEX! A big problem with indirect game is that it gears guys up into thinking (me included) they have to somehow trick the girl into sleeping with them. It’s like “I’m gonna go up and talk to this girl about cats. That way she won’t know I’m hitting on her!”

    That’s not a bad idea… For about 5 min at the most; you’re there to attract and arouse her! You can’t attract women by doing a bunch of magic tricks and talking a shit ton. You have to get that girl alone and you have to hit on her. You must make her uncomfortable with your sexuality because the truth is arousal, fear, excitement, anticipation, anxiety are all very similar. Unfortunately the difference between “fuck me now!” and “fuck off!” is not a lot.

    To be good with women you CANNOT fear confrontation and discomfort. In retrospect I’ve realized this is the fundamental piece to the puzzle. Get comfortable confronting people. Not just women! Confront your friends; your boss, your parents, and your co-workers. The idea here is:

    1. Don’t be a bitch/push over
    2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    The reason this is so important is that the primary attraction switch of every woman is Power. I’m not talking about money, fame, fortune, and friends. No I’m talking about BALLS; I’m talking about being unapologetic and unafraid. Women are attracted to one thing more than anything. It’s the single defining characteristic of female attraction: Safety.

    Women sleep with men that make them feel safe, first and foremost. Maybe he’s got big muscles, lots of money, a huge circle of friends, a cunning wit and social ability, whatever it is, doesn’t matter. If you see a man with a woman guaranteed he’s somehow made her feel safe.

    “The dynamic is not between nice guys and assholes. It’s between strong men and weak men. Not necessarily physical strength but the ability to make her feel safe.” –Neil Strauss

    So before you guys hit the field to “game” girls. Take a moment and really ask yourself. Am I ok with telling people to fuck off? Can I stand my ground and assert myself under pressure? Am I strong and confident in who I am and what I do? If the answer is no to any of these, then you’re not going to succeed. Not all the lines in the world will help you get laid.

    Go right now, stand in your kitchen and start telling the wall to go fuck itself.

    Hear your voice crack? THAT’S YOUR INNER WHIMP!!! EVICT THAT BITCH!!!

    Confronting a male before a fight and confronting a woman with sexual intent is a very similar experience. I changed friends when I got into this game and started hanging out with guys that were not afraid of confrontation. I got good at this game because the two mixed perfectly. Preplanned lines and ball busting routines mixed with an “I will fuck you up/fuck you hard” attitude lead to instant attraction in the girls I was approaching.

    I’ve started implementing this over the last few days and already my sticking points are disappearing. I approached a girl two days ago and got a number close. Before I could text her, she text me saying “please don’t contact me, I have a boyfriend and I really shouldn’t do this.”

    Obviously I did something that made her feel that I posed an immediate threat to her relationship. What was it? I made my sexual intentions clear and the confidence of my sexual presence was attractive. If your having similar issues I recommend practicing direct game for a while. It’ll help eliminate these “nice guy” inhibitions.

    “Be Shameless” –Julian
    “Be Shameless” –Sasha
    “Don`t apologize” –Mystery
    “I`ll say to girl in the first five min: “I just want to say even if I didn`t really want to fuck you, I`d still like hanging out with you”” –Cajun

    The key to attracting women,

    Is being a Man.
    Boys don’t fuck, they masturbate… Just being honest.

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  3. love this.

  4. Awesome post

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    I won't be telling my wall to fuck itself, as I live in an apartment and a neighbor might call the cops, lol. Interesting post.

  6. Very solid post. You have to be careful not to go too hard with the "fuck off" attitude though. It's fine initially, but then you need to actually demonstrate to the girl why you like her. You say it in your post, but you don't do so linearly, which might confuse some.

    To recap:
    - be a man who stands up for himself
    - but once the girl knows this is who you are, you must tame it down and build comfort with her

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