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    Field Reports: Love Monkey

    Yo, dudes (and dudettes) I'm starting my own field report to keep track of my progress and to motivate me to keep improving.

    I am focusing on the following first:
    1. AA handling
    2. Opening and presentation
    3. Frame control

    AA will be attacked through experience and preparation. I'll make note of AA levels in each interaction.

    My current experience is through natural behavior when I was younger and bolder, and new practice runs at night game with the occasional day game.

    First task is to approach a girl who looks like she is busy with something (phone, paperwork, friend). I shall fight the excuse making habit I have.

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    Mission interrupt is still a go, but it is on delay until I can get out to starbucks. So far I have seen no targets.

    Anyway here is a mini report on the days AA and interactions:

    Went to lunch at my favorite thai place. The waitress has been teaching me thai and jokes with me about finding a girl. Evidently she thinks I must go there more often to maximize my chances of meeting a nice girl. Also I must not go there on thursdays because she does not work on thursday

    AA was high because of performance expectations. She always jokes with me, but I am not quick enough to follow.

    She immediately notices my bright shirt and asks about it. One of the guys hands her sunglasses, lol! The guys joke about me always going out to clubs, and I ask about her clubbing. She likes to go to a place I know on the weekends.

    The guys start dhving me by taking about my dancing. She shit tests a bit trying to get me to demonstrate for her. Instead I show her a few competition pictures, and she wonders if I'm am instructor. We talk a bit about dancing but then she changes topic to how customers joke with her.

    One of the guys asks about her husband. No husband or boyfriend. He then asks if she wants one and she says she does not understand the question (riiiight) so I make up an answer for her. She does not want one, she wants two.. What? No three boyfriends .

    She asks about the shirt again, where it is from etc... I tell her that I wear this shirt to get girls to ask me about it... oh look it's working

    Anyway I was a bit stiff at first but then loosened up. I now know she likes to go dancing and where.

    The AA is slowing me down, but my boys were there to cover for me. Interestingly she kept walking over to my side of the table. I will try going there by myself to get used to talking with her by myself.

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    Planning on going out tonight. I don't like the club that much, but when I go I usually end up with a girl all up on me just by dancing. Lets see what happens.

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    Why did I eat all that shrimp . Might go late to the club. Maybe some coffee will get me moving.

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    Sigh, game canceled due to rain. Oh well, I'll go work out and try to get dinner off my belly

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    Mission interrupt is in progress. Damn day game feels hard. I find it easier talking to hired guns.

    On a side note I walked past a bad ass sales girl who I resisted two weeks ago. She gave me a look with these dead eyes, like she didn't want me anywhere near her. Hehe.

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    Omg, did not open anyone. The AA went critical when I finally found a girl I wanted to go direct on. I just wish there were more 8's than 6's at the mall. Well that and I couldn't tell if some were over 18 or not. I'll go to the higher end mall tomorrow.

    Tonight I will go out and see whats up at a club down south. Maybe another girl will tell me I smell like weed.

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    Venue: Salsa Dance club
    AA: medium

    So I open a chick at the bar who is drumming to the beat.
    Me: something about her living her music.
    Her: something... Loling
    Me: hows your night?
    Her: she just got there, so but much yet.
    Me: well you can always dance with me... (Very cocky, hinting that dancing with me would make get night better)
    Her: ok...

    Later, she is dancing with me.
    Her: can I buy you a drink?
    Me: uh, sure... Wondering whats up.
    Her: because you are stiff.
    Me: inner game - 1000%

    I won't put more here... Except that I put myself back together by dancing with a friend.

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    AA: low
    Venue: dance club

    so I'm warmed up and looking to dance with the cut british blonde.

    Me: what is such a good dancer like yourself doing by herself?
    Her: taking a break.
    Me: ok, thats a good reason. So I will get in line for the next dance.
    Her: promised the next one to (points to dude)
    Me: noooooooo!
    Her: I'll dance with you on the next one (smiling)

    Later I danced with her, I was great and she was great. Basically I was just having fun tonight. I danced with a cougar I know and she did not know how much fun I could be. All round good time. Even when asking I'm being silly, the frame is just pure fun. I got lots of extra ioi's from the ladies, but did not worry about making a move.

    I would fuck the cougar for fun but I don't feel an urge to do it.

    AA: NONE

    Now to keep this feeling through everything I do.

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    AA: medium
    Venue: restaurant

    I wanted some company for dinner so I called up a number I just got. Lets call her HBTherapist. I had some IOI'S from her including out and out hugging. Definitely not relationship material at the moment.

    She is five minutes late and apologized... I blew it off because it was nothing, but stated that I would appreciate a call if she was 15-30 minutes late. I hate the location for physical escalating and it is raining so a walk is out if the question.

    We talk about everything and anything. Which leads into dating... Which leads into pickup and relationships. Oh nooooo, I don't like where this is going. She obviously was not happy with some if the magic bullets stuff, and some I had to demonstrate with round about questions to lead her to her own answers. Regardless I was getting a downer feel from her. I tried to change the topic, but it did but work because I was too damn passionate about the material. Perhaps also her professional interest kept bringing up the subject.

    I lightened up things with a few jokes, qualification of her, and she qualified me lightly. She asked about women approaching me on the dance floor. Why I like older women (more direct) came up, which I suspect qualified her too. I was not liking this because I was not getting any tests from her... Maybe she had accepted who I was instantly, or the therapist in her was trying not to be confrontational. Her logical mind was definitely in play.

    I tried to escalate a little bit with her by holding her hand. She did not squeeze back... But started off with a firm grip. I'm not sure what that means if anything. Whatever, I think I got more into comfort with her and I had a lot of attraction before, but it felt like I killed some if the attraction.

    I'm changing my attraction to her too. It's not gone, but it is different; her mind is sharp.

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