Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop (w/Helicase) Chicago, Month 2012
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    Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop (w/Helicase) Chicago, Month 2012

    I wanted to post a review on my Chicago Daygame bootcamp I just attended.

    This is not my first bootcamp (also did the Chicago night game bootcamp the weekend prior) but let me tell you they are intense. Extremely thorough with plenty of time and resources (instructors) to help with questions and sticking points along the way.

    My Daygame bootcamp experience was great, and though most of the seminar portion of the bootcamp was review since I've done other programs and know the emotional progression model pretty well, it was still an important brush up. The class size was 3 guys, with myself included and 2 official instructors that taught the material and another instructor that helped as more of an approach coach. Do the math, thats 3 instructors matched up with 3 students!! How could your game not get better after 3 days of constant attention from these guys!?

    I really enjoyed Nick Hoss's and Helicase's teaching styles and just their personalities in general. They are normal ass dudes who have really really game and can teach it super well to any student. It was great to see them and hear the stories that they came from (trust me they are probably worse then where most of us came from regarding women) and know the quite simply, practice makes perfect. First ill talk about their skills, then how well I did.

    On multiple occasions that weekend I saw first hand Nick Hoss and Helicase approach 9's and 10's and consistently get great results whether it was a great conversation that lasted 10-20 minutes, or them getting numbers and then setting up plans with them on the off hours of the seminar. This was great to see because it REALLY opened my eyes to the fact that daygame is really quite simple. You are genuinely complementing a girl for something you like about her and having a conversation on yours and her life. It just doesnt have as much "smoke and mirrors" as night game, and dont get me wrong I love night game too, but this was much simpler in the fact that you dont have to fry your brain with a million routines your trying to learn. Now when I say this stuff is simple, I dont necessarily mean that its easy. The techniques are taught so well by these guys that it makes the process very simple to implement, but actually going up and approaching beautiful women is not always easy. However for a guy trying to get his love and personal life handled, theres really no other way around it, and this is by far the best thing a guy could do to reach that goal.

    The first day of infield was from 1-5pm Saturday. I probably approached 10 girls and got 4 numbers. If you want a rating I would say one was a 6, two were 7's and the other was an 9. One of the 7's and the 9 I am still talking to and plan on meeting up soon but havent been able to yet because of them living outside of Chicago. The 6 im not talking to anymore offered to give me her number about 60 seconds into the set.

    The second day of infield on Sunday was a bit different. I went out and night gamed Saturday night and was hungover and out of it on my second day of infield. So out of the 7-8 girls I approached none of them stuck as well as I wanted them to and I didnt get any numbers. This was surely my fault though because I wasn't as present and focused as I should have been in the conversations, hence the girls not seeing much genuineness in it.

    Since then Ive approached a girl or two everyday except one of the days where I didnt have time and all have been positive. My approach anxiety is almost non existent some days and actually it excites me to approach a beautiful girl and know that that could turn into me texting her or me meeting up with her and starting a relationship with her. This is ME going out and chasing after the things I want, when I want them, not me getting lucky every once in a while and letting girls come to me.

    I really recommend the Daygame bootcamp for anyone trying to get their shit handled and be able to date hot women. Better yet, do a 1 on 1 with these guys for day or night game. It will blow your mind and whatever you decide to do, it's worth it. These guys know their shit and have been doing this forever. They also really care about each students success and making sure they take the necessary steps to get them to where they want to be. Helicase ended up taking one of the students clothes shopping Saturday morning before the infield at Nordstrom's. This was not part of the bootcamp which means after Helicase went out and did night game on Friday, he woke up a couple hours early "off the clock" and helped a student pick out a couple outfits he could where when he is doing daygame and really got this guys style way past what it was when he showed up day 1. People going out of their way and doing stuff they dont have to just doesnt happen a whole lot these days and it just shows how dedicated these guys are and speaks volumes for the Love Systems company in general. Nick Hoss and Helicase are the real deal.

    Awesome AWESOME stuff. TAKE A BOOTCAMP!!!


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    Great review, dude! Thanks for joining the program. You guys were great and all gave it 100%, which made it a lot of fun to teach. Keep up the practice and keep in touch if you ever need anything!

    Big props Helicase for helping too. Anybody reading this should check him out.

    (P.S. One of those said girls from above is in my display pic on my Nick Hoss Facebook right now, if you want to see what Aaron is talking about when it comes to demos.)

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