Nick Hoss SuperCamp – Cape Town, March 2012
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  1. Nick Hoss SuperCamp – Cape Town, March 2012

    Hey Guys

    This is my review (its gonna be a long one as its in a journal format!) of the SuperCamp I took with Nick Hoss in March 2012. I waited just over a month to post this review for 2 reasons:

    1. I wanted to wait until the "high" of the bootcamp had subsided and i had time to reflect on it and review it in a more cold state.

    2. I wanted to go out (alot!) and use the techniques without an instructor present and see if I still felt they were effective.

    Firstly, a bit of background on myself:

    I am in my mid twenties, and honestly never thought that I would have to attend a workshop on picking up girls. I had lots of girlfriends, hook ups etc. in high school and university and never worried about this area of my life. However once I entered the professional arena, things changed. While I still had girlfriends I seemed to have a lot less choice and each break up hit me a bit harder than in the past. I actually got a little depressed during this time. This pushed me on a self improvement quest which lead me to Lovesystems and soon after that I was contacted about the bootcamp being held in Cape Town, South Africa. The stars lined up I guess.

    Review of the Bootcamp itself:


    I went to the hotel to meet Nick who is one of the most likable guys I've ever met. He's down to earth and, despite his size (he's 6ft 5), not intimidating. We went through our backgrounds and our expectations for the course. We then got cracking with the seminar and discussed inner game, approaching and transitioning (with his favorite routines as examples), and some attraction. We also went through the big picture view of a successful pickup i.e the triad model. All I can say is that I was impressed! Nick really knew his stuff, was able to answer all our questions quickly (and used his own personal examples to drive home the points), and was patient when we would argue certain points. We also did demonstrations of approaches to iron out delivery issues which was really helpful. We then broke for dinner and a rest before the infield portion of the workshop. It was cool because we got to know Nick a bit more over dinner and he's actually a very well rounded and motivated guy, which made me feel more comfortable about following his advice.

    Friday Night Infield

    We got to the club and Nick explained that tonight was about approaching and transitioning. Anything else was a bonus. He then started pushing us into sets, which was good cos I was resistant at first. He was also very willing to do demos and wing the students. After the first few approaches, all the anxiety went away and I ended up doing quite a few approaches and had quite a few good interactions. Nick seemed to be everywhere like when I was chatting to a cute Spanish girl, but not touching her at all, he came out of nowhere and tapped me on the shoulder and told me to escalate. This kind of thing was pretty helpful through the night because after the seminar I was a bit in my head and that can lead to some freeze ups. At about 2.30am Nick said that he felt we had accomplished what we came out to do and we should go home to prepare for the "Day Game" portion of the workshop the next day. I decided to stay out a bit cos i was having a good time. This lead to a drunken make-out after re-approaching a girl from earlier. In all seriousness the only "game" I ran was in the re-approach, and it showed cos she never responded to any of my texts. I guess it was just that time of the night when everyone is drunk and friendly.

    Saturday Seminar

    Nick started with a debrief of the night before for each of us. He highlighted all our sticking points. All good stuff. My major points were, burning through warm up sets quicker, and escalating earlier (by highlighting them early I was able to reduce them dramatically by Sat night). Then we went into the day game seminar. I was dam excited about this as I had never done (nor seen anyone else do) a day approach in South Africa before (aside from in school or university but those are far more warm environments). Nick broke down the entire day game approach from how to walk, the structure of the opener, as well as the structure of a conversation in the day, e.g. much less gimmicky than during the night, which topics to jump to etc. We also did exercises in coming up with conversational threads which was great. Nick then covered attraction (in more depth), qualification, and some of comfort for both day and night environments (all with his own examples and snippets from his personal life to make the concepts stick). We also practiced story telling, how to tell them, which details to emphasize, what we should try to communicate etc. and Nick jazzed up some stories from our lives so they would be better infield. We then headed out to practice some day game!

    Saturday Day Game Infield

    Nick explained that he was gonna do a demo for us and then push us into sets. Unfortunately things were pretty dead and sets were few and far between. Nick did find someone to demo on, and she was all smiles but happened to be married. This was great to see and was a bit of a paradigm shift for me. It also gave me confidence to approach. Nick then pushed us into sets (when we could find them) and would give break downs of what went well, what to work on etc. It was interesting to see that there were almost no bad reactions, people were genuinely shocked, intrigued and flattered by the day time approach. The first girl I approached even responded by saying "Wow this is really confident of you!". Even a particularly hot girl (turns out she was a hot Italian tourist) that Nick told me to approach was pretty shocked, she stopped eating her ice cream and just stared for a few seconds. Nick was also pretty supportive which helped because daytime approaches can be nerve wracking. Overall this was a good experience because it gave me a paradigm shift about what is possible even though we were only able to do a few approaches (due to the place being quiet). We then went home to rest for the night time infield portion.

    Saturday Night Infield

    Saturday night started a lot smother then Friday. Nick told us to start warming up and explained that tonight we were going to open and try to push the interaction as far as possible, hopefully to at least qualification. I had a few short sets before 1 hooked. I basically ran through all of the stuff we did in the seminars (i.e. teasing, trigger words, some of the qualifiers, and used the stories we developed in the workshop etc. all the while escalating physically) and it all seemed to hit. I guess I was enjoying using all this stuff (its like having a new toy!) so much that I started to over game. Then Nick appeared again and told me go for a make out (i.e. push the interaction forward) and that I could probably pull her from the club that night if pushed for it. This helped and I managed to isolate and made out for a bit. The logistics were wrong for a pull though cos of all her friends so i got a number and saw her later that week! We then called it a night to prepare for day game the next day. On the way back home though. Nick debriefed us and gave us our what went well, and what to work on.

    Sunday Day Game Infield

    Woke up really tired today....this SuperCamp is intense! Went to a new spot for day game, unfortunately its dead as well. In the end Nick pushed us to do an approach or two for practice but there were literally no girls in our target range. A bit disappointing. However, once again, the girls that were approached were almost always shocked and flattered. I can see day game becoming a big part of my life even though its slower and will probably be tougher to master. We then headed back for the last part of the seminar.

    Sunday Seminar

    Nick started with a breakdown from the last night again with a few more points than what he went through on the way home the previous night. He then went deep into comfort and seduction, and phone and text game. We also went through the big picture points of social circle game, and lifestyle. Nick then gave us an action plan for "after the supercamp" in order to solidify the concepts. This was all good stuff and he answered all of our questions in detail. He was also pretty patient with me when I kept bringing the topic back to a particular social circle situation I was in.

    We then called it a day and grabbed some dinner, shared some laughs and said our goodbyes. I was pretty sad that the SuperCamp had ended cos I enjoyed it so much and really felt that I had grown. The only plus was that I could get a decent night's sleep cos I was exhausted!

    After the SuperCamp:

    This is what I've noticed in the month after the SuperCamp:

    - I am having far more and far smoother interactions
    - I am approaching far more women (I would approach in the past, but I think that the most I did in a night was maybe 5. Now I just approach girls that I like until something hooks. I recently comfortably did 16 approaches (I usually average 4-6 before something hits) before something clicked and I did not get messed up inside. As Nick told me when I got rejected: "She's just not the right one. It's no big deal!" Its a good mindset to have.)

    - I am far more confident in interactions with strangers because I know kinda where I am in the interaction.
    - I am having more success with women now than I have for a very long time. I am getting tons of make outs, dates, and recently I got a same night lay! (granted I have been going out extremely aggressively... 4-6 nights per week!)
    - I am, for the first time in my life, approaching women in the day. So far I havent had much success (just a few flaky phone numbers, and 2 instant dates that didn't really go anywhere) but I can feel my interactions are getting much smoother, albeit slower than my night game, and my confidence is growing. I think day game is going to be great for me....eventually!
    - Life just tastes better when this stuff is going well!

    So I'm convinced that the SuperCamp changed my life in a very positive way and the model from Lovesystems works! The only tweak that I would make to the program would be to arrange our night and day venues a bit better. But this is a minor issue and its as much the students fault as the instructor's.

    Overall this program rocked! Nick Hoss is a great instructor and a great guy and i look forward to working with him in the future. Seriously guys, if you have the opportunity to take a bootcamp with him.....just do it! You won't regret it.

    Thank you Jeremy (Lovesystems program manager) and Nick for making this happen in SA!

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    Thanks for writing such an indepth and honest review man. I'm glad you're seeing last change after a month (and that you're hitting it so hard).

    If I ever come back to South Africa, we'll probably just have to do a night game only bootcamp because we had trouble finding daytime locations on my 1 on 1 as well. I'm glad we got a few in though. You definitely got it good for nightlife down in Cape Town though!

    Keep in touch, man! I had a great time thanks to you guys.

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