What can I do in this situation? Very unique.
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  1. What can I do in this situation? Very unique.

    Okay I will get you up to speed with the situation quickly.
    I live with a host family and their daughter is just solid 10
    Obviously the fact that I live with them I could not simply be direct straight away.
    Anyway she introduced me to her boyfriend a few months ago but more than once we are sitting in my room and she talks to me about how it is not going well. I know it will fall apart soon but the question is how can I take this further? First I do not see her much since she does not live here but the few times I do see her it is mostly just shit chat and banter.
    Nothing prepared me for a situation like this. Any idea?

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    You dont crap where you eat. Simple as that.

    Dont do anything that is going to cause serious complications in your life. If they break up then go for it you can use lines like "The best way to get over your ex is by sleeping with me". However at the moment stay away from it.

  3. I agree with dean. DO NOT TOUCH her. There is enough women out there. Just forget this one. It'll make your life complicated. However, you can use her to get other girl friends of hers.

  4. Gaah fuark don't you just hate it when this happens?
    The problem is whatever else I do whenever I see her bam I regret the circumstances we met.
    I would go as far as leaving if it meant getting to bang her.

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