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    Day Game journal: Step by step


    So I've decided to learn daygame, which I have been avoiding like that uncle who insists on giving me shoulder massages. My mates all have girlfriends now and just sit at home menstruating with them, so going out at night barely ever happens anymore.

    This will be my learning journal as I progress towards mastering picking up chicks during the day (intimidating stuff, they are all sober!). Each one may be a bit of an epic read, so please scroll to the bottom to help with my follow up questions, if nothing else.


    April 22, Sunday, Mission Bay Auckland (New Zealand)
    Aim: Open + transition at least 5 sets

    So today I dressed up like a rockstar and headed to the beach. I just wanted to get a sense of what it was like to open during the day, the thought of which makes me stain my briefs with approach anxiety. My body language and voice tonality are pretty good, but this was going to be the true test.

    My opener: "Excuse me, this is going to sound really random... my friends told me about a great icecream place around here that I have to check out, but for the life of me I can't find it... can you help me out?"

    Just a low risk situational opener (opener content doesn't matter shit anyway). Mission Bay has this overpriced pretentious Movenpick place so I was pretty confident most people could respond to this one. My real challenge was transitioning - no canned material, it had to be observational. Scary shit!! I want to one day open directly so it was important for me to practice the "Excuse, this is going to sound really random" part today, cos I'll one day be following that with "you are really gorgeous and I just had to come and say hi".

    Right after parking my car I get in the way of a couple taking tourist photos of each other. I deliver my opener towards the dude but the chick responded. They weren't local so they didn't know shit, and then the guy's accent gave it away. I transitioned with "I hear an accent, are you guys Canadian or American?" They were from the States so I went into a brief story about my recent trip to Colorado. They were from utah, so I left immediately... just kidding, calm down you hicks. I was encouraged by how accepting they were of me changing the subject, they didn't even seem to notice.

    Next was 2 cute girls sitting on the grass. I strode over to them and stood above them like a fuckin giant. With my plaid shirt, all I needed was an axe to be Paul Bunyon. Had the sun to my back too so they squinted up at me like pink-eye sufferers as I delivered my opener down at them. Sort of transitioned with a joke about walking right past the icecream place, then kicked myself as I walked off because the one that answered me had a European accent of some kind and I didn't capitalise on it. This is how we learn.

    Ended up opening a few couples because that's all there was other than families (instinct tells me that opening sets with kids in them could lead to unwanted media coverage) but it was just practice so it wasn't a big deal. I found it easy to stop people coming towards me, probably because it was a Sunday and no-one was in a rush. I made a few girls laugh which made their boyfriends frown. Nothing like being perceived as a threat to validate your skills haha. Transitioning with a joke about how I couldn't find the place was fairly easy, but I should have tried something like "You guys seem really..." something.

    So in all was pretty happy with it and didn't get nervous at all after the first one. Next time I will do better transitioning and try some attraction after that.

    How do you approach a set that is sitting on the ground?
    Where are some more single-girl friendly locations to practice?
    What are some good day game opinion openers?

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    Part 2: Gaming a guest

    April 27-30
    Mission: try and lay guest from America - fail!

    So a friend recently contacted me from Australia and asked if I could put up his USA friend for a weekend while she explored Auckland. Took a look on her on facebook, liked what I saw, consented.

    After some facebooking, I picked her up from the airport. I went straight into normal conversation basically, sharing stories (trying to DHV spike off the top of my head), making her laugh and doing a bit of comfort stuff. When we got back to my place my flatmates were having some friends over for a party. So we got drunk etc, and I was being Mr Social introducing everyone and exerting manly body language all over the place. Started escalating kino with her which she did not resist (little hugs etc).

    Then she failed a compliance test, I went to grab her hands with a "I'll show you a dance move" and she frowned and pulled away. That was weird, and basically the start of a downhill trend I think. Later that night someone took her place on the couch so I told her to sleep in my bed - "you gotta sleep on the wall-side though, because I need to be between you and the door to protect you from intruders".

    Tried some kino escalation once the lights were off but she gave me her back and kind of shuffled out of reach. Point taken!

    The next night I took her to watch my band play and shit blah blah she just wasn't keen. What was strange was that she was strongly qualifying to me:

    - I asked if she had any cool hobbies and she took like 10mins to think of some but was real eager to prove she did
    - whenever i teased her about being indecisive she went kind of defensive "normally i'm really decisive, i tell all my friends what to do " etc etc

    Offered her my bed again that night, she declined - "the couch is so comfy" - no it's not, it's shit. Guess she just wasn't keen?!?

    Sunday I took her for a driven tour of Auckland and made her laugh the whole way. Went to a bar on the Shore and DHV'd my ass off. Still nothing.

    Anyone got thoughts on what went wrong here? I'm thinking if it wasn't me then maybe it was our shared social circle and her not wanting to look like a slut. Also there's a good chance my aussie mate warned her about me haha

  3. good luck with your journey...I am also thinking of getting more into Daygame.

    I will be following your journal.

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    Opening shop girls in the mall

    May 5, St Lukes Mall, St Lukes, Auckland
    Mission: open shop girls and transition

    Actually I originally went there thinking it was time to go direct. Then as I was walking around I just couldn't get up the nerve to do it. Every shop was packed and all I could think about was everyone overhearing me, and doing something to punish me, like maybe pulling my pants down or something. So I decided I better find my testicles and do at least SOMETHING, so I went with an opinion opener.

    First was a couple of young cuties working at a jewelery store. I opened with "Hey guys, this is going to sound really random. I need to buy a gift for my close friends who just had their first baby. I'm totally out of my depth, what would you recommend?". This became my opener for the rest of the afternoon. The girls were friendly and started giving me ideas. I teased them about getting too excited about babies, then transitioned into a story I remembered on the spot from when I used to work in retail. It's a pretty funny story but doesn't DHV spike much so I will use it again but only after I work on it. Its about a nutter old lady that convinced me to search for her non-existant "lost son" for an entire afternoon. After the story I could see that waiting customers were distracting them so I bailed.

    Next was an asian chick at a pharmacy who just recommended some products and was all about the sell. Taught me a valuable lesson - shop girls will assume you are just a customer wanting advice. Should have seen that coming.

    There were a few more attempts. But by far the best of the day was the hair girls. It was one of those little stalls where two hotties are offering free straightening/curling to sell the straighteners/curlers or whatever those fuckers are called. The super hot brunette tried to sell to the chick walking in front of me, and then as I walked past I smiled at her and said "What, you're not going to ask me?" She laughed. I made as if to keep walking, then turned back and delivered my opener. The other hottie joined in at this stage and we quickly got quite comfortable and flirty. I gave them the old "you must be the evil one and you must be the good one. I could roll with each of you on my arms, and you could give me advice and shit" - big laughs, thanks Magic Bullets. I teased them on their advice and then ran out of ideas and bailed.

    PS I also ran into my current one-itis who I've been avoiding because she does my head (and penis) in. She was looking extra smoking hot and kept hugging me. All her friends keep telling me to wait for her to break up with boyfriend, which they ASSURE me will happen soon, and then she will be all mine. This has been going for some time now...

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    My first direct approach!!!!

    6 May, Albany Mall, North Shore
    Aim: do one direct opener

    IT WAS FUCKIN AWESOME!!! I am never going to open indirectly again haha! I am still smiling, and the whole interaction only lasted like 2mins and was essentially a rejection.

    Here's how it went:

    So I went to the mall that's got the best hottie ratio in Auckland. The whole time I was pumping myself up for a direct open, yelling at myself on the car ride there "Just do it!". I was like a rolling Nike ad.

    I wandered the mall for a bit, noticing for the first time how rare it is for a hot girl to be walking by herself. Then a HB8 passed. I thought "Fuck it, go!"

    Whirled around, skipped a couple of steps to catch up and lightly touched her arm. She turned and looked at me with a curious smile. "Excuse me, hi, I noticed you as you walked past and I just had to meet you. I think you're really cute". I paused and listened to my hearbeat thundering in my head... and then she gave me the biggest smile ever!

    I stuck out my hand "I'm Dan" She just shook it and just stood there smiling at me. I asked her name and then instantly forgot what she said. So while I prayed it wouldn't come up later I asked her what she was up to. Turns out she worked in the mall and was going to check out movie times for later tonight. I asked about her work and teased her about seeing movies on her lunch break. She was looking right into my eyes the whole time and giving a gorgeous smile. I thought I was going to pass out. I forgot everything she said the moment she finished talking cos I was so nervous.

    Then she said she was in a hurry and walked off, turning back as she was leaving and saying "I'm really flattered though". So got burned but I made her day so that felt good.

    Can't wait to do it again!!!

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    Haha, that last post inspired me to try day-game in the minute it took to read it. Quick and to the point but with lots of detail. Definitely following your journal from now on

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    Quote Originally Posted by opticon View Post
    Haha, that last post inspired me to try day-game in the minute it took to read it. Quick and to the point but with lots of detail. Definitely following your journal from now on
    Haha cheers bro, good luck yourself. Just gotta do it. See I've always struggled with the concept of attraction routines and having to 'prove myself' to girls, whilst making a huge effort to convince them that I'm not interested. Fuck it, just let them know straight up - if they keep talking to you for more than 5mins you must be in! Simple!!!

  8. Props to you man. I am working on growing my balls for day game. The few times I've broken through my AA the girls were happy and I was happy. I love when I am on friendly terms with a shop keeper and they put on a big smile when I stop by.

    Hint: some of the sales girls by the kiosks that have to stop walking people have some killer game. I sometimes banter with them if they are not too focused.

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    Step backwards

    12 May, Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
    Aim: see what it's like to open on the street - fail

    So today was a complete fuck up. I wanted to walk the streets and try a few approaches to see what it was like. I only opened one chick and it was a fuckin slamming blow out.

    I had been walking for fuckin ages and had not passed a chick by herself that was better than a 6. I'm thinking WTF Auckland?

    Then I see a 8 coming towards me and thought fuck it and opened. It was a disaster, I couldn't have done it more wrong:
    - I didn't wait for her to pass by, rather I touched her arm when she was just next to me. This fucked me up because I was planning to say "I just saw you walking past" but now couldn't so I had to freestyle my opener - bad idea
    - I said something like "You have a really beautiful style" - the word beautiful is a dealbreaker because every chump uses this word and it must trigger their defences. Must use 'gorgeous' or something instead. As I was mumbling it I did a creepy appraisal of her body looking her up and down. She looked like she was about to scream rape and just walked away with that devastating 'what an arsehole' look

    This fail bummed me out so bad that I completely lost my nerve. Plus I started off out of state. No more approaches followed as the AA consumed my soul. Oh well, not completely discouraged, and there were some important learnings

    1. stop going out with no goal other than hitting on chicks - it must come across in my manner and seem creepy/desperate. Need a different frame like 'just out shopping'
    2. Open a few sets with a transitional bullshit 'where is the... what's the time' etc to get over the first bit of AA
    3. Find more target rich areas
    4. Hide my many tattoos - I noticed that people kept looking me up n down as I passed. I have quite extensive tatts and I think it might be a bit intimidating

  10. Do you smile at people a they walk by? Just saying, cause if a guy says good day and smiles the tattoo just makes me want to strike up a conversation.

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