How often should I text my ex gf

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  1. How often should I text my ex gf

    I been trying to win my ex gf back from her current lover. We text a bit everyday and often times if I don't text her she will text me at night asking me how I'm doing. I have used funny/cocky lines on her and most of the time she laughs at them. I even tried role playing and she took it well. But often times after a few texts things will go dead and she won't reply to me for hours or even the next day. Is that okay? I am a complete newb when it comes to this stuff...

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    Yes - you are a complete "newb" when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    I'll give you some insight on how to handle the ex at this point.

    In and of itself, her being with another guy should be enough reason NOT to text her. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention NC (No Contact) as a form of getting yourself back and possibly getting your ex back. Staying in contact with her while she's with another guy is just fueling her new relationship, not making her more attracted to you. You see, now that you (the dumpee) have remained in the picture with her and this new guy, she has the emotional stability she needs from you and can be happy with the new and exciting feelings that come along with a new relationship. She has both of you as she needs you. You're truly like Tom & Jerry. You always chase her, but she never bites because she's already with someone else.

    Best way to win an ex back AND get yourself back is to remain out of contact with her. If she asks why you can't speak to her, then simply remind her that you need to heal and move on for yourself. After that's been said, simply remove yourself from the situation. Don't call her, text her, e-mail, MSM, write a letter, Facebook, Twitter, et al. Once you've diminished all contact, starting working on yourself, your endeavors, and whatever you may be up too. Things are blurry for you right now, so in order to get that clarity (becoming healed through time and work) then you may reach out to the ex (if she hasn't come back to you already) without a care in the world of what the outcome is.

    Indifference towards the situation (detachment) is ultimately your main goal. A point in time that you could careless about the situation is vital in order for you to even approach without clouding thoughts of your ex to enter your head. Start lifting, get tan, make some new friends, etc. and get in tune with yourself. Since you're in contact with her, she already knows that she doesn't need to do any work to get your attention.

    Flip the script, and become a better person before trying to get back together with her.

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