Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Washington, DC - April 2012
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  1. Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Washington, DC - April 2012

    Hey guys, first post here, but just want to write up a quick review of Nick Hoss's mini seminar last night in DC. I've been to a lot of these mini seminars, and most fall into one of two categories: (1) they scratch the surface of a subject but never really get into the meat of it or (2) they're just two-hour sales pitches for longer programs.

    Nick managed to avoid both of those pitfalls.

    He was clear from the outset about the limitations of the format. He had three hours, he intended to maximize our value, but he wasn't going to cover everything, just go into the meat of two subjects: day game and dates.

    The day game portion was broken down into two sections: mindsets (i.e., inner game) and approaches. The mix of inner and outer game was well balanced, and the material included a good mix of the basics and "here's a more advanced version of this..." That's not to say Nick covered everything. For instance, opening multiple sets during the day, or approaching from angles other than behind. Still, he gave real, practical advice on how to improve your day game results, and things you could apply immediately. Nothing was left halfassed, or worse, "... and you can pay more money to come to my full day game workshop." Nick took this seriously as a teaching opportunity, respected our time and investment in coming out, and wanted us to walk away with solid, great advice.

    The dates portion was a real treat, and previewed some material from his forthcoming materials on dates. This covered, in an hour, both the basic logistics of dates as well as a few "date templates" that we could use to think up great dates.

    Finally, Nick spent a good 45 minutes on Q&A, answering questions not just about day game, but about any aspect of game. Again, I was impressed with Nick as a teacher here. Every question, no matter how personal to a guy's game, was turned into an opportunity to help both the asker and every other guy in the room. I was surprised how many notes I took from questions that I thought had no relevance to my game.

    At $50, this seminar was a steal. I got to sit for 3 hours not just with a guy with great game, or even a guy with good material, but with a great teacher. And as anyone with a favorite teacher knows, great teachers are hard to come by.

    P.S. If Nick ever says to you, "I just wrote an article about that on my blog!" (as he did several times during the mini seminar)... it's because the he's is a prolific writer and just covered the subject in way more detail than he could possibly tell you in a few sentences. Highly recommended reading!

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    This is my review:

    Solid Seminar - get your asses to it!


    So I attended this seminar last night and implemented a lot of the material taught today. Specifically with some body language techniques that Nick Hoss taught me the previous night. I could honestly tell a huge difference in the way the girls reaction change to me as soon as I did this trick. I approached and it went okay the girl was making me work for it at first than I did this body language tip nick gave me and she than began to work for me!

    Bottom line: This one technique nick showed me last night was worth 50 bucks alone! Of course your going to get more detailed, tailored information in a work shop. You'll get MORE everything but for $50 you really can't go wrong. Aside from the information Nick is teaching in this mini-seminar its a GREAT opportunity to network with people in your area which could potentially be priceless.

    Nick is a real raw person. He gave very honest answers and he may tell you some things that might sting a bit but guess what... HE DOES IT BECAUSE HE CARES. He wants you to reach your goals, after interacting with this guy for 3 hours I can tell you seeing his students reach milestones and grow is what he THRIVES on. Do not get the wrong idea, nick is not an asshole, when he does tell you what you can do to improve that may be a touchy subject for you he delivers like a gentleman. In fact, nick is really nice fucking guy. He is proof that you do not have to be a douschebag to get girls. Just being around this guy and picking up on his overall vibe is worth the price of the event itself. Thats exactly why I did it and I do not regret it. Today I set out to do 3 day game approaches and did 4. I was talking to a handful of really sexy israel women who were taking HUGE interest in me and got really giggly. This is the most approaches I have done in a day. If non of the information registered for you at the mini-seminar at the very least it will give you momentum to start taking action and stop letting this area of life own you but rather YOU OWN this area of your life.

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    Last night, I attended the Nick Hoss Mini-Seminar in D.C. It was my first instructor time i have ever had...and I was thoroughly impressed. Nick knows his shit, inside and out. I have been going out for well over six months, and in one night he cleared up mistakes that could have lasted a lifetime. He broke up the seminar into two categories: Day Game and Dates. The day game was beneficial for the in-depth analysis and minor tweaks in body language that will go a long way. Ironically, the way I originally learned body language is through modeling Nick's in-field vids., but the seminar brought my body language to a new level. I also got "picked up" by Nick lol. Its an indescribable experience getting picked up by a #1 dating coach lol, but in all seriousness, LITERALLY being right where every girl would stand gave me the most up close and personal experience I could ask for.
    The dates portion of the seminar was also extremely beneficial. In fact, I did a video review about it, that will be available on Nick Hoss' web-site as soon as Grimbo is done editing it. I loved the templates for dates that he gave us. I always felt like the community had only scratched the surface of dates until Nick spoke on it and announced there's more to come this summer when he releases a book. There was even a part on second dates, NEVER did I know the facts about second dates. The seminar ended with a Q & A, and in case you didn't hear, NICK KNOWS HIS SHIT. He answered every question with such depth and care. You can tell this guy genuinely cares about your situation and how you progress. I was definitely impressed with the seminar and would recommend people of all skill levels to take it. For $60, there is no excuse. Take the seminar and start living the life you've always wanted.

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    I also attended the mini seminar with Nick Hoss. The first thing I said to Nick when I had a chance to talk with him and really speak my mind, I told him thanks. Thanks for taking the time to promote a LS product that could help people out who didn't have the resources to attend an actual bootcamp. Me personally I make enough money that when I first took a LS bootcamp I didn't have to give up my entire lively hood. But in this day and age, with this economy, it is not the same story for everyone. First off Nick did not hold back because we only took the mini seminar, he made sure that his lessons covered essential material. He gave real live examples and told us stories of where this lessons have taken him. It is all legit, he speaks in a manner that is very simple to comprehend and yet he touches on extreme detail that you would need to know in order to be successful. It was a real pleasure getting to spend time with a teacher who really stands by what he sells. Get into this stuff, you can't go wrong.

  6. Nick Hoss's Mini-Seminar in Washington, DC

    I have been looking over material from Love Systems and studying Attraction Science and pick up for years now. As a reasonably social guy with several friends that are "naturals", I stated to look into pick up to find out how to maximize my dating potential and be able to navigate opportunities and go after what I want. Reading alone can only get you so much understanding on any subject and pick up is certainly like that. So when the opportunity arose to actually attend a live event by a Love Systems instructor, I jumped at the chance, so should any of you.

    From the beginning to the end of this seminar, Nick Hoss delivered well beyond the cost of the seminar with valuable first hand experiment. First of all, he is able to exemplify body language, dress, voice projection, and attitude first hand right in from of your eyes as opposed to concepts in a book or on a forum. He illustrated the body mechanics of a Day Game pickup where after passing the woman you turn around and stop her. Without this live illustration, key points of how this works could easily be lost in the translation. He was completely cool, answered all questions, even one's that one may describe as stupid (I had some stupid questions). He also cleared up sticking points and total misconceptions I had about my own game, from reading one chunk of info here and one chunk of info there. He actually started the entire seminar with some affirmations, and statements of belief that are critically important to address first before we even get into technique. This indicated to me that his Inner Game and mentality was intact, he wanted us to improve in this field not just looking at us like a bunch of lames that he was about to fleece. In fact, if you learn nothing else from this seminar you will benefit from seeing an example of a real pick up artist in the flesh. You can see how a person like that comes across and behaves and model some of your swag based on that model. He illustrated great advice on effective dates and dating, and answered any and all questions. This experience changed my viewpoint on whether or not I would attend a bootcamp, and lent an incredible amount of legitimacy to the entire communtity. From the old black dude with the crazy questions, I say thank you Nick Hoss.

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    Follow Up:

    Gosh, it's been forever since I posted on these forums, apart from mod duties. While "gone", I have most certainly not been inactive in game. I have been to a Nick Hoss mini seminar, which played a huge part in how I pulled this off. Its some cutting edge info that really gives you the best chance possible especially when you do hundreds and hundreds of approaches like we have at this point. This leads us to the story, a very captivating tale about your hero, Grimbo.

    I am down at the ocean right now for senior week and it has been the definition of insanity. Our livers are nearly pickled, we severely lack sleep, and fucking-a we love life right now. Yesterday I went with Changes, Urbii, and MynameizX to the boardwalk around 1pm. X quickly disappeared for a D2 with a girl who he later laid. I meanwhile got pushed into a set by Changes; she was a gorgeous, long legged girl with a really nice ass.

    I walked past her, and did a jog up behind her and her friend. I must have been a sight with a giant ass hickey on my neck, a gray wife beater, and some gym shorts and attempting to stop two girls on a boardwalk in front of like a group of 15 guys. I stopped and projected my voice "Excuse me". The girls stopped. Sorry to startle you guys, but I was walking past with my friends...and I saw you guys out of the corner of my eye. And I have to say, I would be kicking myself all day if I did not come and talk to you guys. Your friend (gesture to target), is absolutely stunning. I transitioned after this and just ran my normal daygame.

    Kino wise I was doing a bit more than I think Nick would recommend, but I have been experimenting with ALOT more kino than normal. I figured that Soul can do it, and it is senior week so I may as well try for increased kino. About 45 seconds into the set I was holding hands with her. If she appears uncomfortable....drop her damn hands bro!

    This is where Nick's lessons on attraction and body language came into play. I focused so much more on body language and pacing my speaking than I ever have after it. I related to common interests in school subjects and sports (history and wrestling). I just talked about my passions and you can see a girl just steadily become more attracted. That is sure as shit a good feeling, but you can't forget while you're their. You need to go for the close.

    Almost right away after leaving the set with her # (Roughly 10 minutes) I shot her the text with callback humor. I continued the texting, and logistics looked like they may be fucked (staying 45 minutes out of the city blows sometimes). I just kept opening with Changes, who eventually sent me into another single set.

    I stopped her normally, but I only got as far as "excuse me" before she said "Hey, you are the guy who flirted with my friend ". I thankfully was able to pull it off as I saw her looking lonely, and 'lost' my friends to. We walked off to find her friend and I had an instant date.

    Kino was up to hand holding and arm in arm at this point. I spent a huge effort winning over her friend, because I figured out from lots of bitter experience how much of a difference one determined cockblock friend can be. Eventually my HB (HB Boobs) went to the bathroom and i just chilled with HB friend and started winning her over with comfort stories about my family, the majority being my little sister.

    Eventually, they swapped spots (pretty sure they planned this) and I was left alone with HB Boobs. I used this time to just escalate and show dominance. I physically lifted her off the ground and put her in my lap and kiss her. This made my intentions perfectly clear once again, and showed I meant business.

    Eventually, I suggested that it was cold and "where can we go were its warm?" She quickly mentioned her hotel room is like 2 minutes down the road and we should go there. As soon as we got there I met her roommates, 3 guys and 2 more girls. I made friends again and I just cuddled up with my girl until the moment was right. One moment that stood out was when a guy told me I "was fucking jacked", and "a bad ass dude". If I was gay I'd prolly drop my pants just for that flattery :P. This entire time I kept pumping my girls buying temperature by just running my hands all along her under the blanket and whispering in her ear.

    When HB Boobs got up to go to the bathroom I basicslly told the guys "Bro, I am trying to hook up with your friend. Gather up the girls and Gtfo". As soon as they left the making out began it was a sure thing. I kept slowly escalating and shit looked golden. Than I heard a click, and the fucking roomies were back. I did not give a fuck at this point, and I just threw a blanket over us and kept going at it. I just slowed the pace down, and started turning this girl on.

    Know this guys, girls are emotional creatures, and sexual creatures. Couple words, with all the dirty sexual things you want to do can make her dripping wet before you even touch her. I recommend you guys read TrueStorys thread on talking dirty and escalation.

    Eventually I put a finger inside her and using Halequin's method on fingering she squirted all over her fucking bed. At this point, the dirty talk was fucking intense. "You like my finger inside you, you dirty slut? You want me to fuck your brains out?" At this point she was literally begging me to fuck her. I reached into my pants pocket by the bedside table, and I fucking forgot it! I stuck my head out from under the blankets and shouted at the room in general "Does anybody have a condom?" The general consensus was a resounding no.

    When she realize I had no condom this girl asked if she could blow me and let me cum in her mouth. Not only this, but she pulled me out onto the hotel balcony in plain view of the boardwalk and started blowing me. Getting cheered on by drunken people while getting head is fucking amazing. I love Senior Week

    I also later went to a party that night, and had a girl in her room and was about to fuck her. My dick was wrapped and her pants were off. X decided than would be a perfect moment to shout "Grimbo, da fuck you doin" Turns out the dougie was on, and he wanted me to "Kill dat shit" with him.

    I want to move down here.

    - Grimbo

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    Thanks for all of the reviews, guys! I had so much fun at this seminar that I've decided to come back at the end of August.

    Since I've been to D.C. for day game once already, and since there were so many college guys at this particular seminar, I'm definitely going to revitalize my college game talk!

    I do need another topic though. Feel free to send me an e-mail (nick DOT hoss AT lovesystems DOT com) with something you'd like to hear and I'll cook up something based on the majority!


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    You're a character, dude! That's some great stuff right there.

    I wish I knew this stuff when I was in college!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Hoss View Post

    You're a character, dude! That's some great stuff right there.

    I wish I knew this stuff when I was in college!!!
    Knowledge + practice = success

    I still plan on living down here next summer!

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