Dealing with negative people
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    Dealing with negative people

    The title sums everything up... How to deal with people who whine all the time.

    Especially girls. There is this former coworker who just seems to believe every person needs to know all the troubles in her life.

    For the record, I am not trying to fuck her, don't even find her attractive.

    When she is not complaining about her job, it's about her income, her body shape, her health, her period, her boyfriend, her sister who has a better job than her... Etc etc etc

    She has complains for all ocassion. At least we don't work together Any longer but still see her everyday. We are both journalists in a small town so we usually are after the same news, sources etc...

    Sometimes I wake up and already have a whatsapp message saying "I had such a bad night, my headache didn't let me sleep" and I am like wtf!!! I don't care!!!

    I don't respond immediately to her messages, sometimes not at all but then she starts bugging me "sorry to bother you with all my troubles but you are a good friend"

    Truth is she tells the same complaints to every one else...

    One day we were at a press conference with some celebrity and this famous person invited all the journalist to a party on a boat and this girl started "oh yeah, I was on a boat when I found out my ex bf cheated on me" and proceeded to tell the details to everyone...

    What can I do? When she starts i try to change topics but she wont get it, today I went further and said " I don't think I can be of much help with that matter, plus is a waste of time and energy to talk about your bf troubles since you already said plenty of times he is a good for nothing, a leech living of your salary and with no career prospects. You already know that, so I don't know why you keep telling me you want him to change"

    And she just said you are right but some hours later she texted
    "I think I should tell him this and that" and I didn't reply but wanted to say I don't give a fuck...

    How does a man deal with this kind of girls?
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    Tell her to stop being a little whiny bitch and that if she aint going to proper up and fix her head, to do it away from you because you're planning on going places, and you don't need her to bring you down.

    Lay it out there and just say it like that, straight up like you would when schooling your own daughter, if she's going to act like a kid treat her that way.

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    Treat it like a shit test- everytime she starts talking about something like that, just interrupt her and talk about something you want to talk about. She should get the hint eventually.

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    She's craving attention, sounds like a few women I know. Take what she says with a grain of salt, and prone to exaggerate.

    On the boat, you just go over to her with a "OMG I can't believe you just said that" with a laugh, but then move her away from them, because odds are, they don't want to hear her problems, either.

    Just need to cut her short when you're on the phone, or at a point, interrupt her conversations, and if she keeps trying to butt in, go "not to be rude, but the world doesn't revolve around you.." but you can't do it when you're fed up with her, has to be half-kidding, like when you tell someone to shut up, but in a laughing way.

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    Hahah yeah i Have been doing that already, interrupting her when she starts whining it cut the phone calls right when she starts with gossips or complaints

    She just texted me though with what sounds to me like a big shit test: "It seems to me you are getting bored with my conversation, if I tell you this is because I think you are a good friend"

    What should I reply to that? Just a "soooo?? And your whining and complaining is a punishment for being your friend ?? "

    Or I just ignore it?

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    Is she someone you want to stay friends with otherwise?

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    You can respond "and as a good friend, my advice to u is to stop whining." ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysteryGirl44 View Post
    Is she someone you want to stay friends with otherwise?
    U would stay friends with her if she wasn't such a complainer

  9. tell her to be more positive, and have a more positive outlook on life in general, give her some examples. like "its such a nice day outside", and have positive self talk "everyone just loves me". give her examples of what you do, and if tells you negative shit, tell her stop being so negative, I dont wanna hear that shit

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