Why are skinny girls so much harder to get than fat girls?
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    Why are skinny girls so much harder to get than fat girls?

    Does anyone else feel this way or is it just in my head? I personally much prefer skinny girls, but they're way too hard to get. I don't like fat girls, but they're way easier to get. What do you guys think?

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    Same reason why goods in high demand are more expensive than goods in low demand.

  3. Fat chicks are generally fat for a lack of self control and self respect. In turn their self worth is low too. Male attention is a bandaid for that.

    Fit girls respect their bodies and themselves and are harder to pick up because they want someone who measures up, someone who makes an effort for her because she makes an effort for her health and well being.

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    I honestly think fat girls are harder. When I was forced to talk to fat chicks (because my friend with low self-esteem brought two and wanted me to wing him), she was cold like drop dead gorgeous girl with a bitch shield. Maybe I couldn't fake well and didn't convince her I was genuinely into her....
    I really don't know how to talk, attract and seduce them. It's easier for me to make 7+ girls giggle. So I absolutely see no reason going after them since hot chicks are easier to talk to.

    This is just my analysis about them.
    Most fat chicks are not in a good mood at the bar, clubs. They all know guys are looking at other chicks with thin body. When a normal looking guy with thin body, approaches them, they all know he's after an easy bang. they know all he wants is hump & dump. so they will throw those bitch shield just like hot girls to gauge his true intentions.

    Now look at yourself in the mirror. When you imagine you are standing next to some fat chicks, does it look alright? If it doesn't, I don't understand why you should convince yourself for lower quality women. Let me tell you, if you get used to talking to them, you will have hard time talking to regular girls. Girls will read your low-self esteem right away. It doesn't matter how you look.

  5. lol fat chicks are too easy,not worth the time. Challenge yourself by talking to higher quality women. Not to be rude or anything but a girl that works on her body will appreciate the time and effort she put in it and will look for that in return unlike heavy chicks.

  6. I initially took this question as ignorance at the worst or trolling at the best.

    You answered your own question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BnG View Post
    Same reason why goods in high demand are more expensive than goods in low demand.
    You beat me to a lecture on supply and demand in a perfectly competitive market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazikia View Post
    I personally much prefer skinny girls, but they're way too hard to get. I don't like fat girls
    What do you guys think?
    You've already answered your own question in a way.
    There are always those guys who like a whole lot of woman but the majority of men, like yourself, are attracted to slim girls, slim girls get hit on more then the fat ones so therefore they have more options and choices then the fat ones who sometimes have to be a little less picky.
    The cute slim girls don't tend to be single unless they choose to be.

    Note: this is a very broad generalization and doesn't apply to everyone, I know some guys who are attracted to big women but for the most part the big ones aren't getting hit on by the high value men as much as the slim ones are.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

  9. A first-level analysis would hold that the answer is, by and large, slim girls are more attractive to men than girls who carry a higher percentage body fat. Thus, slimmer girls can be more choosy, and you'd feel that in the way they react to you compared to "heavier" girls.

    What arguably underpins this reality, though, is that what men perceive as "beauty" is primarily a set of indicators of a woman's youth. Generally, as people age, their body fat percentage increases, so higher-percentage body fat points toward higher age. Thus, it would be sensible for men to generally prefer slimmer women.

    Even with men who like "thicker" women, they still want a slim waist on her. They just like more voluptuous breasts and butts than most guys, and might be willing to trade some waist slimness for it. Virtually no guy is going wild for "thicker" girls who have waist-to-hip ratios nearing 1.0, or, (lord have mercy) >1.

  10. skinny girls are easier cuz they make me horny

    Dinghy horny = increased game.

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