Fader Stripper & Hired Guns - New Orleans, April 2012

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    Fader Stripper & Hired Guns - New Orleans, April 2012

    A weekend of mayhem - having the time of my life tearing up the best street for strip clubs in the US, dancers asking fader if it was okay for them to go back to work, ironical situations where dancers are calling me to hangout while I was in the strippers and hired guns seminar and experiencing first hand Unexplained Strip Club Phenonmenons


    Last year at the SuperConference Fader spent some time with me at Spearmint Rhino giving me free advice which made me want to come to the very next Stripper and hired gun workshop which was this one in New Orleans.

    We arrived to a packed NCAA final 4 weekend in New Orleans. Fader started to break it down the moment the seminar started.

    He had extensive material that prove invaluable in field that you wont find a trace of anywhere else. I had an aha! moment in the first 5 mins in terms of what I was doing horribly wrong with my stripper game and several other aha! moments throughout the course. He extended the seminar portion a good 3-4 hours on each day(a total of 8 hrs of extra teaching time - only 5 hrs on each of the 2 days was promised). Thats not just extra time - thats someone who is giving his well drawn out material from the foremost authority in world when it comes to strippers and hired guns as far as im concerned - all LS instuctors have world's most airtight game especially the leads but ive seen em all together at spearmint rhino w/ Fader at the SC ...only one person stood out - no one could touch Fader there. I knew he was the "stripper guy" but after the program now I know how and why he does it. Ive also seen instructors in person from other known companies who had some good(not great) game but nothing worth wasting words on this review.

    Topics covered in the course in exhaustive detail - Stripper Psychology, Hired Gun Psychology, Strip club dynamics, Advanced high octance attraction, Advanced Frame control, Misc - Hooters girls, Scams, Advanced notes - pulls, anti flaking techniquesetc.

    Infield - first and foremost I had a crap load of fun just kicking it with Fader and the other two supercool guys that were on the program. The term USP (Unexplained Strip Club phenomenon) was also coined by Fader on this workshop. I was heavily armed going into all of those Strip clubs with all the guns I had from Fader. Fader pretty much got any dancer he liked - they would come back to him like he was crack and they couldnt get enough of him. I was number closing left, right and centre. All of the guys were killing it. One of the dancers called me in the middle of the seminar the next day - " We were supposed to hangout today" She said....I said "Im at a SHTG seminar, maybe tomorrow ?"

    It looks like all his STHG workshops are sold out for this year but if Fader asks you to come out to a strip club on a workshop - go for it. If he invites you to go anywhere for that matter. Hes always keeps it cool with his students.

    Only regret I have is that some of my questions which took time off of the seminar could have waited while we were eating sushi and downing Sake. That time couldve been spent Fader delivering more STHG material. Fader has a lot of valuable stuff to say so keep that in mind - ask him good questions but dont take him off on tangents unnecessarily !

    I havent been able to go out that much lately but the few times I have - my friends who arent strangers to frequent SNL's etc as well look at me like im a messiah when Im # closing bartenders and strippers.

    my fav line from the workshop - im not the next customer for the dancer... shes the next girl on the Fader show.

    Now I have my own show - so stay tuned kids for more coke tales from slutty girls with more tattoos than clothes.

  2. I was there too and this was an amazing seminar.

    Fader is an incredibly dedicated and very effective instructor. He is willing to do just about anything to help the students learn, whether that is extending the class, doing extra in field venues or time, demos, identifying sticking points and attacking them, following up with email, etc. Above and beyond is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Fader. I'm sure that carries over to regular workshops or 1-on-1s with him as well.

    He has an enormous amount of material to deliver, and a lot of it is stuff you won't see anywhere else. I would agree with the suggestion to keep questions to the point. Also just focus on absorbing as much as you can, then ask questions later.

    I don't really have much to add beyond that other than to say I highly recommend the seminar if you are interested in picking up strippers or hired guns, regardless of experience level. I've been running game on strippers for almost two years (very badly at first) and I've gotten strippers out of the club many times and into bed with me several times. I still learned a shit ton over the weekend.

    I would be happy to answer any questions from prospective students or others.
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