1 month dating girl...EX-bf who dumped her wants her back
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    1 month dating girl...EX-bf who dumped her wants her back

    I'll try and keep this as concise as i can..

    Her ex-boyfriend of 3years (her only relationship) dumped her a few weeks before we met

    I met this girl at a house party a month ago..I took her back to my friends and f-closed with her the same night i met her..(i live far away even though)

    Current Situation
    We've been seeing each other frequently and been getting on v well.

    Her ex boyfriend has contacted her saying he wants her back - he seems crazy for her and keeps wanting her back insisting that he's changed

    She saw him and says she still has a lot of feelings towards him as they were together for 3 years..She told me she would have got back with him already if it wasn't for meeting me.

    She said she now feels bad as she has to choose between us..

    As we've only been dating about a month im not sure where its gonna go if she did choose me anyway and i think for her its a risk which ever one she picks

    How should i deal with this and get her to pick me?

    1 Ignore the issue and don't inflate it as 'i'm more alpha anyway' - mindset
    2 Tell her that she needs to choose between us as i'm not the sort of guy who chases
    3 Break up with her as if she was 100% into me this wouldn't be happening - a bit dumb as we've only just started seeing eachother
    4 Any other ideas?[/LIST]

    What should i do..i'd really appreciate some advice on this ??

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    Don't make her choose -> ultimatums never work. Just keep being the guy she has more fun with, and eventually she'll make the decision herself. Keep in mind though that 1 month is not long enough to get over a 3-year relationship, so she may be wavering back and forth for some time. Keep seeing other girls until she decides, and try not to get too attached.


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