Keychain bootcamp - Amsterdam, April 2012
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    Keychain bootcamp - Amsterdam, April 2012


    When I met Keychain he immediately struck me as a very friendly, relaxed type of guy that you feel very comfortable around. He was assisted by Johan, the AC (and host) for the weekend, who I already knew.

    I wasn't completely new to the TRIAD model, having read Magic Bullets and practiced in field with the Project Amsterdam guys for a month or so. Fortunately, the other three participants of the BC weren't complete beginners either. Two were actual members of Project Amsterdam (with more advanced skills then me) and the other had a lot of theoretical knowledge.

    The seminar started with an exercise in which we had to think about what our goal was, what kind of person we wanted to become. We then had to visualize this as if we would be part of a movie. We then wrote down all the benefits that we would get from becoming this person and all the drawbacks from not becoming this person. Finally, we wrote down all the reasons why we thought we were able to achieve this.

    This was a great exercise and reading it back proved to be a great motivation and drive for going out and practice.

    When I signed up for the boot camp I was mainly interested in the 'in-field' part. I thought by reading Magic Bullets I already knew most of the theory. I can say I was quite wrong about this. Since all of the participants had read Magic Bullets several times, Keychain skipped a lot of the basics and went way deeper into the material.

    He had us do very useful exercises and it was really great to be able to ask specific questions and hear some of his personal stories.

    We spend hours discussing the in-field experience from the night before and everyone was given specific feedback and advice on their game.

    On day three we had time to do some electives. We choose 'txt & phone game', 'day 2s' and storytelling. Johan did a nice presentation about SNL.

    After the last seminar I looked down on my notes to discover I had written over 40 pages of notes, close to 10k words. Other then being highly informative, the seminar was also a lot of fun. Keychain has a lot of humor and some of his teases and 'shit-test' responses were hilarious. My favorite one was teasing a girl from a small village in the countryside: 'I think your donkey got a ticket' .


    At night we went out to practice in field around Rembrandt square. We split up in two groups and started with a 'warm-up' round. In this hour you basically approach a bunch of sets just to get into a talkative mood and practice some openers and routines.

    After an hour or so the real game started. I wanted to get as much out of the BC as possible so I wasn't interested in staying in specific sets too long as I wanted to do a lot of sets. Keychain and Johan understood this and told me to hand them the 'remote' control for a few hours.

    I was send into numerous sets and I also winged a bunch of times. Upon returning, I was always given immediate feedback, instructions for the next set and send back on my way.

    Halfway through the night we had a quick break. Keychain discussed our progress and sticking points. After the break the groups were rearranged to give everyone equal time with both Keychain and Johan.

    I was pushed into doing some things I had never done before which were quite scary, such as:

    -approaching a seated mixed 8 set of youngsters about half my age (three of which were quite attractive girls) with no room to lock-in in the middle of a busy bar . Interestingly, it was the ugliest girl who ended up blowing me out ("Walk on!!!!")

    -Approaching a 3 set (consisting of two of the prettiest girls in the bar and a pretty big beefy dude), opening one of the girls direct: "I saw you from over there and I had to come say hi, is this your boyfriend?". The dude was very impressed by my move and immediately started high fiving me

    -Approaching a set and moving them to the dance floor within 10 minutes. To my surprise, this went amazingly well and one of the girls was all over me once we got to the dance floor before she got dragged away by her friend. You can read that logistical escalation works, but you need to see it yourself to believe it

    Keychain and Johan did a great job teaching us. Keychain analyzed my game very quickly, after just a few sets. This is quite impressive as he was observing from a distance and couldn't hear the conversation. He pointed out the flaws in my game and gave specific instructions how to improve. He even came over one time while I was in set to whisper some instructions in my ear.

    You can tell this guy has years of experience as he has an answer to any question you can think of. When you listen to him explaining, it all sounds pretty easy and he kept reminding that it just takes a lot of practice and that anyone can learn it, which is a great motivation. I also liked his analogy to playing RPG computer games: 'instead of having to slay 20 goblins in order to level up, you now have to do 20 sets'.

    Keychain has great work ethics and other then being very professional he is also a very pleasant guy to work with. On our request he did a set himself where Johan winged him. I sat close by to observe and could overhear him talking. I wouldn't recommend asking for a lot of demos as it's more helpful to be in set yourself then to observe, but it was good to see him do one set if only to realize there is nothing supernatural or out of the ordinary about him, it just takes a lot of practice.

    I have to say Johan added a lot of value as well. Even though we've been out a few times before the BC already, I could definitely feel that he went into professional mode during BC. I liked that he took notes on his Iphone while I was in set and upon returning instantly gave his feedback as well as a few specific things to focus on in the next set. He also took care of our coats and drinks so that we could maximize our time in set, which I thought was an awesome gesture and shows a very professional mentality.


    During the seminar I sometimes felt that it was a bit time consuming to literally write down openers, teases and other material. I think it would be better to work with handouts and/or pre-typed material in order to save time.

    The extra time that becomes available could be spent on exercises. Write a good 1 minute attraction story, practice some openers and transitions together, practice some body language, come up with good teases or shit test responses etc. You could even think about bringing in a girl to practice approaches or conversations. I feel this would be more valuable.


    All in all I have to say it was an amazing weekend. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and have great motivation to move forward and get better in the future. Although $3k is a lot of money, for me it was absolutely worth every penny. In fact, it's probably the best $3k I've ever spent in my life and I can totally recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their results with woman.

  2. My review

    I wanted to wait with writing a review because I wanted to share my developments in my game after the bootcamp. You could leave a bootcamp with a great feeling and the idea that it was awesome, but if it will not help you in your game in the long term, it's pretty useless, right? It's been a month now...

    There's not much to add to what Japking (above) did write about the seminar part. I was already familiar with the triad model and Love Systems (I am going out 2-3 times a week with a group called Project Amsterdam and I am not a “beginner”). However, in the seminar part, there were a lot of things that really helped me in my game immediately. Just some small things that can make a big difference. For example: Keychain noted that after a direct opener you shouldn't wait for a reaction, but you have to transition right away. When he said that I had a “Ahaaa!”-moment and my direct openers that evening and next evening went awesome. Before the bootcamp I didn't do so many direct openers, but now I am way more comfortable with it! Also something I want add is that I really felt I got the right amount of attention from Keychain and Johan, both during the seminar and during the night out.

    Going out in-field with Keychain and Johan (I already knew him) is an amazing experience on itself. Like Japking told, first we did things to warm up and later we would be working on our “sticking-points”. -note: right before my bootcamp I felt my game was a little worse then before. At that moment I thought it sucked, but afterwards I realize that if your game on the bootcamp is worse then normal, your sticking-points are more noticeable. So gaming a little worse can actually be a good thing.

    Keychain immediately noticed that I had escalation problems. Physically and logistically. He explained to me which way I should touch the girls and in what way I should try to move them. He also advised me to watch his Beyond Words seminar DVD that explained everything again.

    So with these advices I started going out again and this resulted in some things I didn't think it was possible, or at least I thought I wasn't able to do. Since the bootcamp I had 2 kiss closes within 1 minute, and these were very attractive girls... Can I scale them? I know it's lame... but they were 8's at least (and I am picky). Also I had a kiss close within 5 minutes where I totally sexualized the conversation. If at that moment my friend wasn't around I could have taken her in a cab within 5 minutes to take her to my apartment. We exchanged numbers with the agreement we were going to have sex tomorrow. 15 minutes later she called me: “Call me tomorrow, ok?”.

    I couldn't imagine these things happening to me before the bootcamp, but now these things are reality. If I didn't take the bootcamp, probably it would have taken a lot more time to develop my skills. I think this was some of my best money ever spent.

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