7 months and my journey to the super conference
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    7 months and my journey to the super conference

    A brief introduction of myself.This is one of my first post and I am doing this to record my track to the super conference in October. I have not taken the game to serious until the last couple of months. I finally have started a new career and have came into the income that I have always wanted but the one thing still missing was a beautiful women to share my time with. I am an average guy who hates being average. So this is my journey of change. I have first taken the step to get into the superconference (Thanks Phero). The next thing was getting into a fitness and health regiment that is built for my needs and help me lose some of that stomach fat. The next thing I did was get a voice coach that is to help me this voice projection and to learn some excercises to maintain my voice (since I use it everyday in my career). These are just some of the things that I have started to undertake to help me. Now it is getting into an approaching schedule.

    Thursday night:
    Plan- Hired gun work. I went to a local establishment so that I could work on my social circle in this environment since it is a place frequented by young bar goers. Walking into the public house I see that it is not to busy and entering laughing with a friend I notice all eyes are on us. I led my friend through the bar area to a sit down area (where waitress was hotter). We sat down and order our drinks and an appy. While we were doing this I would always take the time to bring the waitress into our story. I had a pour off with the waitress and losing because of my friend giving her the victory. I said to her that she cheated because she bumped me. She then gave me a little psuh as she walked away. The night was meant for my friend and I to talk business but it turned into me improving my social value at this venue. The waitress would bring over shots for us because she seemed to like us giving her a little hard time (she gave us as much back). We even had her asking for our names and got made at me for not remembering hers, even though she never told us. In all the night went great we had to cut out early due to the fact my buddy had to get his kids. We plan to go back to build more repoire there.

    Sat Night:
    Got off work late and head to the bar with a couple of friends and one of the girl employees. She is young but is a cutie. I had no attention of gaming her becasue I just wanted a cold one after work but the situation changed. We started the night with a large group of people that we joined up with at the bar. It started off as gerneal topics with the large group then as the goup slowly disappeared three of us remained. I spent the majority of the group time learning more about the cutie I came with. I saw looking at her phone and looking at a picture. I took the phone in a playful manner as I did this I was asking about the photo. It seems that she is very artisitc (one thing I find attractive about a girl) and I start going through her photos. As I am doind this her body language changed and she started rubbing her legs against me. If this was not someone who I new one of my friends liked I would of jumped over that invention. Looking through her photos I see that she has a number of hot friends so I thought it would be a great chance to get set up through her. I don't know how the conversation got onto sex but it did. It was an hour long conversation on sex from everything from partners to kinky stuff. She was eating it up. She even admitted she was wanting sex. As we were packing up to leave she said "I guess I want to have sex with you one day". I led her to the back where she was meeting some friends. So my night ended with me heading home. I will be following up on her because I know I will be able to get to meet one of her friends from it.

    I am starting slow as you can see. I work two jobs right now so I have to use my time wisely to start approaching more. Everyone says that practice makes perfect and this leads to me having to approach more even if it is for a quick moment. I must beat my anxiety and I know I will in time. I have to once again give thanks to Phero for helping me with all my questions. Remember to get women it all starts with your inner game and if your life sucks its because you let it.

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    At the gym I was thinking "how can one approach during the gym?" The gym I go to is a semi hardcore hole in the wall. I know that what I were does not flatter me at all but I was thinking of something I heard about always leaving your home at your best and boy am I not my best at the gym. I wear sweat pants and a sweater while training (from my wrestling days of cutting weight) and I am thinking of changing my wardrobe just in case. So would like to hear any feedback from you guys.

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    What a week,
    Since I have taken on this task of transformation a lot in my life has changed and especially my clothes. I started a new career so I had to upgrade it to a professional look which has helped me in my personal life. I have had a number of comments on my clothes lately. Which usually comes with me talking to them for a while. I am still thinking I can still make my clothes more flattering by adding some unique pieces. Any tips feel free....

    The gym has been a good friend for me these last few weeks. I am averaging a run a day (about 2-3Km) so that I can lose the budge around my midsection as well as making sure I am eating right and not drinking a lot. This week was great for me socially but nothin sexual come out of it. I am decreasing my anxiety very slowly by approaching as many new people as I can. I am also concentrating on my body language when I talk to them.

    Keep changing if not you will be left behind.
    Cheers and see you at the conference.

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    Things to note.
    I have found out that low selfesteem women will do anything you tell them, Father issue women with boob jobs will dance for you and friends topless at a dirty apartment, and young girls get really clingy if you are nice to them.
    So my schedule has me heading out with the guys on friday and saturaday night to a local pub. I use this pub to help me get out of my shell. I am starting to feel at home there but usually when I come everyone is so wasted. So....things always get funny. I have started to just open a couple of sets a night that we go out. My aim is to work on my conversation skills, but if I do feel attracted to the person then I would build on it. For now though I am just using it for prectice.
    Alright now things have started working for me. I have not only used what I have learned from lovesystems to help in my career but my life. As you all know I have had a regiment of going to the gym and other things to help but that is all good but what I need to do is get out and mingle. With my schedule during the summer it looks like I am able to get out every friday and saturaday night and so far I have been doing that. The strange thing is going out and only having one drink. I am loving the feeling of it but it is so strange to be around so many drunk people. Being sober has helped greatly with talking to women and has helped with some of my approach anxiety. Still have it for some girls so I usually start with the girls that I know won't reject me (this is a negative thought that I am trying to over come) and usually I get a great conversation out of it. I don't build attraction because usually those groups are not the ones that I want to get attracted to me.
    In life I am using what lovesystem has taught me about conversation in my professional life and this has helped greatly in getting new work from people. Soon I will not have to work two jobs and I can put more energy into practice. Now I am thinking of taking a bootcamp before I go to the super conference so that I can get more out of it . I want to conguer my anxiety and conversation downfalls before the conference. Since living in vancouver and seeing that Verceti is making his way this way I am aiming to see if I can put away some money for it. IF not I might be taking the inner game with Braddock and Mr.M the day before the conference. Inner game is hugely important because if you are not comfortable with who you are then women will be able to tell that from your body language.

    Loving the direction I am heading but would enjoy meeting a mentor that could guide me in the right direction. So far so good but this is the year that this guy becomes the rockstar that I know I am.
    Cheers and keep plugging along no one gets good over night. It takes one step at a time.
    Magic is something you create

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    So some recaps that I have learned over the last couple of months.
    I can hold conversation for a while
    Still working on building attraction by what I am talking about
    Good at comfort
    Playing with my hair cut (shaved last night and had compliments)
    Clothing wardrobe is still underdevelopment
    Winged a man into the sac...Congrats man
    I need to find other people to go out with that have a higher energy
    Still need to overcome anxiety
    Need to get into mind set of "know one is watching and who the fuc* cares"
    Improve my social circle (a slow process but in work)

    In all this was a great month of growth still a lot of room for improvement. i am looking forward to getting out more especially in the summer. I love sundresses and patios.
    Cheers and any feedback would be great.

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    Heading out tomorrow night with the guys and girls after work. I am planning to do a lot of opening and transitioning. I was wondering if anyone had any great openers. I usually always use situational openers but I want to try one that I might be a little uncomfortable to do. The reason I am saying this is because I want to work on my inner confidence when I approach with this opener. I need to get out of my comfort zone so I think it would be great to use a line from the forum that is suggested then report back on it

    I do enjoy role playing and have done a lot of it on the girls at work. They always seemt to love it. SO guys feel free to write anything and I will give it a try. I do like a challenge and this is why I am recording it because I need to push myself.

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    I am a huge believer of lovesystem and now am excited for making a rountine of going out. I have intiated a lot of great talks with girls now. I am still just working on opening and transitioning. I know that I am taking longer then I want to but I need to do this for my approach anxiety. I need to get all of these down before I work on the fun stuff of attracting and building comfort.
    I realized that girls are sometime the best wings to have since I built a good rapport with some of the girls at work and had great talks with them other girls are acting different around me. I am not going to lie, I hate dipping my pen in the company ink but damn it sometimes hard when they are cute. I am happy with the progress but I still need to approach more. I need to start using times I am out during the days to start opening people. I mean opening anyone and everyone so that I can easily get in the mind set of approaching. Tonight at work I was talking to one of my friends at work and was telling of my adventures in learning lovesystems. He is a great guy and is fun to be around. I know that if I can get him interested he would make a great wing because he has such a great energy to be around. It has been hard to find guys who are into pua and want to get better at it. To me PUA is not only getting better at attracting hot women but improving your own life. I know he would benefit from lovesystem as much as I have.

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    Sounds good man. Slow and steady is good when learning the ropes, especially if your with friends, colleagues, and places you visit (such as the gym). I've thought about the gym too, then my AA is like "fark imagine if she shoots you down in front of everyone! You'll be *that guy* every time you hit the gym". At a club, it's way less risk/social pressure. But that's getting more into inner game.

    Main thing is your on the path to where you want to go!

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    Hey Man,
    Thanks for the comment it means a lot. I have spent a lot of time my inner game and that is why I got into lovesystem. I have read some great books that have helped me but nothing helps with the ego better then having a beautiful girl notice your smile or style. It has been a long road for me and still have a hill to climb but I know what is waiting on the top.
    I have been working on the gym one and have started to see a great opportunity when I am coming or going from the gym. My gym has a long hall way that everyone has to go down so there is no way of avoiding eye contact. I have a thing I do that anytime I make eye contact with someone I talk to them. Just so I can kill my approach anxiety. So so far I know that old ladies love me and young girls seem to love my eyes. I never escalate any of the talks with the girls becuase physically I was not attracted but practice is practice when it comes to chatting.
    I don't think I would ever approach in the gym just like you said.

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    It's been a while since I have gotten to the site to write again. So here is what has happened to me this month. The new job is going unbelievable and I am getting great reviews. I am starting to decrease working at my second job so that I can have more time for practicing going out and being social.

    I had a break through last night. I had a hired gun melting in my hands. I was talking about how I was learning pressure points and massage techniques that help with blood flow (I actually just read an article about it) and how I used to give a group of girls massages to practice while watching a TV show. I told her how every wednesday the guys in my house had night class and I of there girlfirends would bring a group of girls over to watch a show. I was the only one left and i would have a group of girls that would park their asses on my couch for an hour(This is not the exact story but a summary). This is where I would massage a couple of the girls, always getting a massage in return. Anyways.... this hired gun told me that she had sore shoulders and I said if you earn a massage they won't be sore. She said "what do I have to do to earn it?" Give me one and I will give you the relief that you need (with a wink and a smile).
    SHe obliged and gave me a massage and even had some of the other servers come over and help her out. I loved it. It was the first night that I could see my social value going up in the lounge. I started to massage this hired gun and she was just moaning and groaning. So I moved the conversation to a sexual nature.... she brought up sex. This should of been my cue to take her out of the restaurant but I didn't and just worked one gaming her. I did not take her home because I wanted her to tell her friends about my amazing hands because I want to game another one of them and not her. I realize that I should of taken number now and arranged a meet up some where else so that I could keep her in my social circle. I know I could get the number when I get back so I will for sure.
    So that was my experience last night....but still should of not left without a number. I kick myself for that one. I am learning and improving but still have a long way to go. I am looking forward to one day getting a mentor that will help me through my sticking points. Heck maybe one day I will meet more Pua's from vancouver area (coquiitlam, portmoody, burnaby area).
    Looking forward to the conference in october....already wishing it was closer.

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