Responding to specific shit tests
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  1. Responding to specific shit tests

    I have been out in the field quite a bit and Im just starting to really try to apply material to it but theres a couple of shit tests that Ive seen over and over again that Im not sure how to deal with.

    1.When you get a girl to bounce with you or even on a day 2 and she goes quit (I live in New Orleans so Im usually walking through the French Quarter or to other areas) we'll be walking like 5 blocks somewhere and she'll usually just go quiet or give short answers the whole fucking interaction).

    2.when I meet her at her place one girl was like sorry I have to get dressed and take a shower, the on the floor was a ton of ripped up condoms and lube and she was like ''sorry my dog got into my drawer and ripped all of these up''. Two nights ago I was on a date with a 26 year old girl and I met up with her in the quarter and she was eating with her mom and brother I was like wtf?

    3.Me and my wingmen were doing really well with this 3 set, they all went to the bathroom on the other side of the club and stayed in there for awhile (girl chat), when they got out they went all the way outside and started smoking cigarettes when they knew where we were, basically waiting for us to come to them kind of acting like they were going to leave.

    4. When Im gaming a stripper shell go to the bathroom or smoke a blunt or whatever and Ill be sitting at the table like 20 min later basically like, o.k. should I leave or wait here?

    Lastly wheres to line between being unreactive and standing up for yourself?

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    1. Doesn't sound like a shit test. She might be adverse to long walks.
    2. Well... at least she puts out and practices safe sex. Shit test though? Questionable.
    3. I wouldn't follow them. Might be a hoop, might now.
    4. Are you paying for that 20 minutes? If so, PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN. Do NOT let woman milk you for cash (stripper or not). Fuck that.

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    The material might be the reason for all those reasons. You might be coming across as awkward....

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    1. Silence means time to kino.
    2a. The dog knows how to party!
    2b. Odd, but not weird. Just be cool and be friends with the while damn family.
    3. Ignore those girls. Go do something else then get back with them when you feel like it.
    4. Strippers do that all the time. Strippers are flaky as hell. Move along. I don't even watch strippers dance unless they are spectacular. I only pay in the one club I'm not gaming, and then I'm a cocky SOB because it is my money.

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    None of these are shit tests. Sounds like you need to work on your game and attraction.

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