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  1. Need some advice on this

    Ok so I met this girl that started working at my place of buisness a few months ago. I did not think much of her and I actually work with her neighbor and one random day we got to talking after work and had a decent conversation which led to a good connection. The next day I went into work and her neighbor told me she was into me. I didn't really see it coming but I decided to take advantage of it and go talk to her. So that kind of stuff went on for about a week until she got fired for missing to many days. Luckily I got her number before that so we could keep in touch. When I first met her I found out she was kind of seeing another guy but it wasnt serious from what she and her nieghbor both told me she had no interest in him at all and she even told me he was wierd. Then one day her neighbor told me she was done with him and her attention was on me so I siezed the moment and started to get date in order because she no longer worked there so I would no longer see her at all. As I was texting her one day she out of the blue told me how frustrated she was with this guy she was dating and I imiediatly called her on it and said I though you were done with him and I thought we were talking, then she tells me she isnt into him and she wants to get to know me better, after that she proceeds to tell me she is rediculously attracted to me and every time I would come up to talk to her she would get butterflies. So even no I was flattered by that I was also left a little confused and just told her she shouldnt waste her time with a person she finds wierd and not attractive. So thenI knew her birthday was coming up and just asked if she would be available and we decided to just hang out at her nieghbors house with his grilfriend. We had a good time but she felt compelled to bring up her "boyfriend" aka this other guy and I just acted normal and said nothing about it because I think part of it was the alcohol talking. The following week we kept texting lightly and I decided to make another date for next weekend and I had it planned but she had some school stuff so she suggested next weekend which we agreed on. Then that weekend came and she said she was going to a club for her friends birthday and how I should come with her. I agreed to go and I left the conversation at that. Then a couple hours later she texts a nice big HEY, I knew she was drunk which I responded to like a dumbass and that had been the second time she had done that. Drunk texting is a turnoff to me. While drunk texting she asks me to go to that club with her that I already told her I was going to do. She ended up asking me three time to go which I told her I was going to go so I'm just like WTF! Then I woke up the next moring to a text from her saying that her friend punched her in the face that night and shes not going out to the club. I questioned her getting punched in the face and I acted as if I was not impressed by it. So I just decided I needed time to think about it so I gave it a week or so and then decided to sender a simple "hey" and I got no response. Its been three weeks since that text and I am debating whether I should try again or just let her come to me. After all she is the one who said she is rediculously attracted to me so if thats how she really feels I don't think she will just move on that easily. Also this girl is one of those types who is very cute but really doesnt have that much of social life or that many friends for that matter. She has some but from what her nieghbor tells me she just doesnt go out that much and she hasnt dated anyone for a long time. I feel like we connected very well and I dont want to just give up completely, but I guess what I want to ask is if I decided to connect with her agian how should I do it and really if she feels strongly toward me I would think she would get back with me at some point. I guess I don't understand why my text got ignored and I'm just feeling confused. I am not a needy person and I have not shown any needienss at all and plus I feel I have played it nice and cool with this girl which I think is one of the reasons she was attracted to me in the first place. Well thats the situation hope I can get a little input in it.

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    I think ur txt msg was kinda boring. Try this one (I think credit go to Bradock): I forgot, are we fighting and most importantly am I winning?

  3. That seems like a good text to send but I'm also trying to get motivated to start taking to her again, I like this girl just not enough yet to keep going after her

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