Funny situation!!! Please click to laugh!!
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    Funny situation!!! Please click to laugh!!

    So, im 22, i have a girlfriend and i just got a job at a clothing retail store part time due to school... my first shift my manager who is 25 and engaged asked me for my number to put on a sheet with all the employees numbers in case we need a shift taken.. i went home and i get a text from my manager.. LOL !!!! she said i did such a good job today blah blah blah and then she said she was attracted to me and wants to make out with me.... THEN!!! i said i had a girlfriend.. and when girls dont get what they want i think they want it more.. so she then in later texts she told me she would let me do whatever i wanted to her!! LMAO!!! and im not a cheater but the relationship im in right now is going to shit.. and is going to end soon... i told her i was concerned about her having a fiance.. i wouldn't want to fuck that up.. she says were not married yet and she wants to live life before shes trapped.. and whatever happens is between her and me.... she is super sexy, shes my type, has the same interests as i do and we just click.. i just want to hear what you think i should do.. i already know what i want to do. and what i am going to do.. i just want to hear your guys opinions.

  2. Go for it, she has more to risk than you do.

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    I don't know who you are or who you're dating...but if you don't, you do not deserve a penis. Just don't mention anything about her being engaged or anything...thats just silly to bring up. Raw dog her in the break room...makes for a good story! If you're worried about a job...don't. You can find another retail job by walking 5 steps next door

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    You should try and get a raise while giving her one.

  5. fucking kill it dude. if shes already willing to cheat on her fiance they probs won't even get married and if they do it won't be for long. I would not have any regrets

  6. just fuck her

  7. I'd your not overly concerned about your job then go for it in the store cupboard but you don't want to ruin relations with her being your manager and all

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    If you don't do in the next 3 day i will!!!

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    Do it just do it andd do it do it do it

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    Just make sure when you take your clothes off it won't get lost between the merchandise.

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