Confused if she likes me back
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  1. Confused if she likes me back

    So this girl I've known for a year, she had a BF, broke up with him a couple months ago, ever since then me and her have gotten quite close. She knew I liked her even when she had a bf. Shes done an hr drive (even when she had a bf- when their relationship was on the brink of ending) to attend my birthday party.

    Recently we've gotten quite close, we hung out a few times, both times I drove to see her (30 min drive)- she asks me to hang out. We even did movies and dinner 2 weeks ago which I paid for, (no moved were made). As pathetic as I might sound rite now- she even shared a drink. I did see SOME minor kino from her, as well as IOI's (playing with hair). However, after we hang out, she'll dissapear for a couple of days, either until I text her or she resurfaces some how.

    She told me she trusts me, and opened up to me about her past crummy relationships. However, I'm not sure if shes interested. I'm about to be straightforward with her and tell her how I really feel, and that we should give this a shot. From what I've heard and what I know about her she moves realllyyyy slow. However, I really like this girl, just wondering if she feels the same way.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    How often do the two of you hang out? You don't want to become too available; there's no fun in that. You need to have a life apart from her.

    It seems like you may be getting into friend zone, albeit, a very intimate friend. DON'T!!! You're not one of her girlfriends and while you want to be there for her, do not become a garbage can where she dumps all the bullshit that's happened to her.

    As for the lack of moves, try making some. I can't tell if she likes you because you haven't done anything to test her interest. So next time, kino like your life depends on it. You've already established comfort and trust. Now you need to sexualize and establish intimacy. Forget all you've heard about her being slow. You don't want to force her but you shouldn't wait for her to make the moves; that's your job.

    Do more to push the boundary and then it'll be easier to tell if she likes you.

    p.s. being an wuss, pussy, afc, n00b, beta, etc is NOT a required to get her.

  3. Thanks for your reply- we hung out 2x in 2 weeks. She always asks to see me, so I made plans to hang out both times. I am scared of being friend zoned, however at times from the mixed signals I recieve, I hope it doesnt happen. She did give me a nicee tight hug, not on of em regular ones hahah and did compliment me multiple times on smelling good. (I know its pathetic, but these are the signals I gotta work with) Reading her horoscope sign, lotssss of people say they move extremely slow, shy of showing emotions and probably will never.
    She did ask me to come by the other day when she was at a friends party, however I made it seem as if i was "busy". I've been good with girls in the past, however this one has been the toughest one to catch. Maybe, b/c I see something long term with her, and she definately looks for the same (cant just hit and run with her). Thats why I've stuck around for so long with her, had it been any other women- I would have moved onto the next one

    I feel I should see her once more, before letting her know how I feel, b/c if im waiting for her to say something, I dont think she ever will

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    Ask her what y'all are doing

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    You're definitely in the friend zone, amigo, but it doesn't mean you are screwed. Some girls are into the straightforwardness of "typical" game, but I have won over girls who I had become serious friends with before. Most of them turned out to be some of my most successful relationships. At this point, trying to run game at the pace which most PUAs do might have adverse effects, however the same laws of game still apply. So start running some kino on the sly. Take your time with it and relax, and continue to push further deeper into the game. If you kino "like crazy" or, whatever the guy said, she will no something is wrong with a quickness. She might think that you're after her ass and you'll look desperate. You see you've already set the pace for this thing, and that's fine. Just escalate your game at the pace she knows, then if she hasn't already caved to you after a while, tell her what you want. She might become cognizant of how important you are to her and go with it at that point.

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    I second Nukem. I hate when this happens to me.

  7. Either game her like a brochacho
    or learn to enjoy being friendzoned.

  8. Well heres an update guys, after knowing her for a year.... and now that me and her have gotten quite close/hang out/ i told her how I felt about our friendship the other day, and said that we should take it a step further than just being friends-

    She replied saying she just got out of a long serious relationship, and that she isnt ready yet, and that shes trying to figure out her life, but she likes what we are right now.....

    I told her, i udnerstand if she wants to take things slow, but I felt the need to tell my stance after all this time

    She said 'im not really good at this stuff...but im glad you spoke up'

    Me being quite heartbroken, left the convo at that... A few hours later she starts messaging me again, asking how things are going, and what im doing... I was giving straightforward one word answers- to the point, to which she got mad and started asking me if I was angry.... and that shes not going to have convos with herself so goodnight... we left it at that

    Havent hit her up since then, figured the balls in her court now I've told her how I felt... seems to me she likes the chase/plays mind games

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    Do not tell girls how you feel until they've done the same or have given signs that they are interested in more than friendship.

    Try not to act different towards her.

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    You need to hit her up man and play it cool like you never said anything. If you don't do this soon the damage will be irreversible. Now by being distant you have inadvertently put a stipulation on the relationship. When she hit you up it was a test to see if you were really cool with things like you said you were. To be blunt, you failed. Now hit her up and act so cool and hope she forgets what happened.

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