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    Well, a lot of people have these journals may as well conform :P

    Last night was my first night out with sarging in mind. Started out at the mall, seemed like a good place I go there all the time with buds. I just wanted to open people and get over some forms of anxiety about doing it. My most successful location was the bookstore, I can talk about books all day, opened with some people just with general non direct openers and there was no awkward silence, no creeps, and none of my fears about doing it. Later that night I totally made the girl working at DQ's night. Decided when the mall closed that i wanted to continue. So I went to the downtown to find clubs... problem is, I have never even thought about going to one before joining the community so I show up around 1000 expecting there to be lots of fun to be had... wrong. Now if anyone is reading this, probably a stupid question but, when do clubs usually pick up?

    Over all it was still a great night, left the downtown without even going to a club but at least it was something to learn from.

  2. I'm not sure, what time do they close? Usually Clubs get pretty popping a couple hours before close.. that being said, you just gotta find out which clubs are hot/have the best crowd

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