Rejected on the dancefloor= done for the night?
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  1. Rejected on the dancefloor= done for the night?

    Obviously if you get rejected on the dancefloor, girls who see it would see you as lower value. But do you still have a chance (crowd who saw you getting rejected)? I always had this mentality so was hesistant to hit on girls on the dancefloor, unless it was perfect timing (ex.other targets weren't in sight). This sometimes becomes a problem because I may wait up to 30minutes for the "right moment". And if I do get rejected, I never try a target who saw that scene (even if they gave ioi's before)

    To be clear, I don't have approach anxiety at all. Just from experience, if I got rejected on the dancefloor I would have a hard time with targets the rest of the night. So I try not to mess it up in the beginning, if that makes sense.

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    There's no such thing as a "right" moment; waiting for a certain time is just a way of avoiding a nervewracking/fear-inducing situation. Try to follow the three-secong rule, in which you approach within three seconds of seeing someone you want to open. If you wait longer than that, you can psych yourself out of it or miss your opportunity while it was there. Additionally, other people certainly won't notice and care if you get rejected. The way you handle it is also a big indicator of the way other people will perceive you. Act confidently and comfortably.

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    I think the idea of being seen being rejected, and therefore having your value lowered is over-thinking it.

    Most people won't notice because they probably are not watching you.

    If you are loitering around the outskirts of a dance floor your invisible to the girls, they don't care about you. Your just another random dude in the club blending into the environment.

    If you approach and get rejected I doubt people around you will know what has happened beyond the set because they are in their own worlds, having fun with friends...or simply staring at girls dancing.

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    When the dance floor is packed, they won't pay attention. If you just smiled and left, then you should be fine. This happens on the dance floor all the time, nobody thinks it's a big deal.
    It's a bid deal, when you make it a big deal.

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