My Activity in the field and Realisations.
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  1. My Activity in the field and Realisations.

    I have decided to report on my latest experiences when 'sarging'.

    I am 19 years old and live in the UK so Clubs and Bars are where i do most of my sarging.

    I have been out in Clubs twice in the past week after not having been clubbing in a month (due to a shitty illness!).

    First night was last Thursday. I went to a club with the mentality of approaching girls.

    I was never uncomfortable with women and I am generally confident. However there is a big difference between being 'generally confident' and being able to pick up girls by the truck-load.

    NIGHT 1:

    I enter the club with 3 of my friends, only one of which was an appropriate wing on the night.

    I start by going to the bar and getting a drink, scoping the area for attractive girls.

    I stand at the bar wondering whether or not I will actually have the confidence to close with a girl.

    I started off easy, teasing a HB7 and having the conversation only lasting 30 seconds at the most then deliberately ejected myself from the situation.

    I continued to do this throughout the night, approaching girls (normally at the bar). These girls could range from HB9 to HB4. but the purpose of this was not to actually pick up any of these girls. I did this for about an hour, as well as having fun with my friends.

    The purpose of this was to ease in to the whole 'picking up girls' mentality. I always purposely said something interesting to a girl at the bar, normally a joke or a tease.

    Each conversation would always be successful as I only planned to say one or two things to these girls then leave the situation. No girl could reject me for saying one thing, she wouldn't think i was attempting to pick her up so it wasn't really possible for her to reject.

    All this boosted my confidence hugely. That, coupled with the fact that each conversation made me more and more comfortable talking to the opposite sex, made me feel invincible.

    It was now time for me to go in for the kill. I approached a girl (HB7.5), opened up the conversation so easily and let her do all the talking. After a few minutes, I had proved that I was interesting and unique. Then it turned into her chasing me.

    I had her in the palm of my hand, she did most of the talking with me interjecting every so often. Every time i showed disinterest to her, she was desperate to get me interested again.

    Her friend approached (HB6), most likely as she had no one to talk to. I thought this would be a good opportunity to bring in my wing (I am a team player) and so he began talking to the latter.

    I made sure to show a lack of interest in her near the end of the night so that she would try and keep me interested by asking me back to hers. She did.

    It was actually the HB6's flat so me and the HB7.5 took the couch and my friend went in to the other room with the other girl.

    One thing led to another and I got laid and left in the morning.

    Realisations and Conclusion:

    While I was ill for about 6 weeks and couldn't go out to try and pick up girls, I decided to restructure my game. I use to be very inconsistent when it came to sarging. I'd either go on a lucky run of getting girls or I would go through a dry-spell.

    I had been going through a dry spell prior to my illness and so felt it was necessary to restructure my game. I would never have normally done something of this nature prior to having sweet fuck all to do while I was ill.

    I will continue to use this kind of strategy going out sarging. I demonstrate this in my next post which was the next night out I went on.

  2. NIGHT 2:

    Essentially a repeat of night 1 with an interesting difference.

    I came to the club with a large amount of confidence after my performance in NIGHT 1. However the confidence came with high expectations for myself that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to satisfy.

    I started out similarly, saying one or two things to girls then ejecting (to clarify: this would be either a joke, tease or question). I felt that doing this made me seem very interesting as even if the girl showed a decent amount of interest (which she probably thought was my goal) I would leave as if I was the prize in this situation, not her.

    As my confidence was quite a bit higher I went straight into a two-set and began talking to them using an opener I had prepared. They were hooked almost immediately after my opener. The girls: HB6.5 (my target) and HB6 (my wing took her). This set wasn't necessarily for the long haul, i.e getting laid. More of an confidence booster/number close to which I wasn't too excited about. I did get the number and ejected very soon after. My thought at this point was: if all else fails then these girls are on the back burner.

    I continued with my normal routine to other girls and things were going well. I seen a girl in the club that I had noticed on facebook on a few days earlier. While looking at her facebook I had thought to myself, it would be sweet to get her. So tonight was my chance.

    I started with an opener (can't remember how i opened because I had had a few drinks but it must have been pretty good lol). We got to talking and I used the technique that seemed to have worked best. I show an initial interest in her while seeming as interesting as possible myself, then show a lack of interest in comparison to before. I now become the prize and she is chasing me. Was too easy from this point on and I left the club to go back to their flat, with her and her friends and my friends. The rest of the night is pretty self-explanatory lol. My friend thanked me the next morning for my work on the target and her group of friends as that got him laid.


    The thing that seems to be working for me thus far is making me the prize to be won, not the other way around. This whole notion of differing the amount of interest I show is definitely gold and seemingly very effective. I'm sure someone has probably came up with something like this already but if not = V.I.L.T = Varying Interest Level Theory


    I may be coming off a little crass with these posts as if I don't appreciate women and simply objectify them. This is not the case, however it much easier to explain my experiences in this way. I love women and they deserve to be treated with the up most respect.

  3. I plan to keep replying to this post with my approaches on night-outs in the future.

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