ever had 'I give up' feeling in the very beginning?
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    ever had 'I give up' feeling in the very beginning?

    I've just started PUA-ing, and I'ts frustrating.
    I approach 2 girls in 40 minutes in the mall. And I've never opened any girls in the Night-Game. It's getting on my Spirit & Mindset.

    Is it my age? I'm 19.
    Is it my approach strategy?
    Is it the girls?
    Is it all in my head?

    Please share your experience.

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    You're learning and applying something new, and it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Early on, you'll face a lot of rejection.

    My point: being frustrated is completely normal. Just know that men in far worse situations than you likely deal with have gone on to pull 10s every time they go out.

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    Thanks for the support :P
    Tell me this, does Pick-Up works for 17-20 years old? B'cause that's my age target :P

  4. I'm also a newbie, but I see no reason why it can't work for that age range.

    Keep at it man! Put the practice in and you'll see the results. I started out and it took me hours to get 3 approaches during day game. Now I'm averaging about 10 approaches and I'm focusing more on transitioning, conversations and ultimately number closes. I'm seeing that I'm getting better.

    Keep at it! And keep us posted.

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    yea.. today i'm gonna try the 3 second rule
    and try qualification for the first time :P

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    haha don't worry pickup works on all women any age, same principles different ways. If I DHV an older woman I show her that I'm successful and I'm graduating in something with worth in the real world

    When I DHV girls around my age I DHV by showing I have social status and I'm fun, do 18 year old girls care if you got money? They are being paid for by their dads, they want a guy to show them fun, it intrigues them. Does an older women care if you got money? Hell yea she probably works all day and hopes she meets a confident secure guy who can care for her. Qualify older women on success and ambition, younger women on love for life, hobbies and art, creativity or wtv (learn to know what to qualify her for depending on looks) I make the sporty looking hot girls qualify themselves on how they strive to be the best, whilst screening a hard working uni major qualify on how she's ambitious for a good life, you can't really qualify an emo style girl on how much she loves life can you? you make her qualify herself on the struggles she's been through and smile interested at her worthy answers.

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