Helicase & Nick Hoss Mini Seminar on 9&10s and Day Time Dating
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  1. Helicase & Nick Hoss Mini Seminar on 9&10s and Day Time Dating

    If you just had time to read the first sentence, lets just sum it up with awesome.

    Helicase kicked it off with his introduction to 9&10 game and the psychology and body language stuff was right on. All his insights into these shit tests was also just fantastic. Just a genuinely cool dude, and you can tell from the way he carries himself the guy has got some serious game. I tried out some of his stuff last night, and what do you know it works...

    Nick Hoss gave a talk on daytime dating and dates, which was also really insightful. Just great advice all around and just a genuine nice guy who was truly trying to help all of us out.

    Overall really solid stuff, I highly recommend both guys and look forward to the next mini seminar.



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    If it was up to me I'd have stayed all weekend and done Nick's bootcamp!

    As it is I was only able to make it that thursday, but it was definitely worth the trip for me. Helicase started by breaking down 9 & 10 game in the model and how it differs from "regular" girls. It was cool to see how guys that have been doing this a while appreciate the shit tests instead of run from them. To them it's just another step in getting the girls they want and means they're on the right track!

    Nick Hoss came up next for Daytime Dating. What a down to Earth guy! It was inspiring to hear how a guy with 4 sisters who grew up in the middle of nowhere got so good at game by finding the right mentors and practicing to meet his goals (really what we're all trying to do!) He drew comparisons between night and day game then broke it down with his personal approach style including the body language to the actual opener template to grab the girl's attention in a confident and masculine way.

    I've decided when I am able to I'm aiming to take my bootcamp with Hoss. His understanding of the game in theory and practice along with his genuineness would make him a great choice for anyone to take their game to the next level with!

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