The Path to Pickup: My Story

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    The Path to Pickup: My Story

    I've been browsing these boards, reading pick up related material and practising my game since I discovered these forums about a year ago. Recently I stumbled upon my first (and only until now) embarassing AFC post just after I broke up with my LTR. This has shone some light on how far I feel I've come in the last year, from a confused and socially awkward person who didn't particularly know who they were, and lacked confidence, to the person I am now. My first post is here:
    So I stumbled upon these boards after I started to feel confused about my LTR with my then 6-year girlfriend, and it gave me the push I needed to end what I considered a boring, routine relationship. Now, it hadn't always been this way and we'd explored sexual avenues that I never would've thought we could, but in the end, I was 23 and had been with this girl since I was 16 and a shy, anxious guy in high school. She had lived with me for 5 years, and it was all too co-dependent. It had to end. I didn't want to be married at 23, I didn't want kids yet and I wanted a chance at picking up new girls, foreign girls, playful girls, slutty girls; point is, it didn't matter. I wanted to get laid by someone other then my girlfriend, party for a while and have fun, learn who I was. And I'm jumping the gun a bit here, but I HAVE changed, for the better. The hardest decision I've ever had to make also turned out to be the most fulfilling and best thing I could possibly do, if only for my self development and confidence. I'm a average looking guy, with my height (6'2) maybe helping me in some ways, but I'm definitely no male model, but my looks have mattered less and less since learning pickup. Although I do take care of myself, with my one exception being that I need to hit the gym more.
    Anyway, a year has passed, probably the best year of my life (so far). I'm 4 months away from finishing a Communications bachelor, majoring in Journalism and Media and job opportunities are starting to present themselves. And for once, my social life is evening out with my own personal accomplishments. I have a large social circle, I party on the regular with both awesome guys and fun, down to earth girls (not all HB10's, but all good people in their own right) and people are seeing me as a fun guy, a smart guy and a dude who has his shit together. A man. Not some teenager putting up a front, trying to be cool and fit in. Now I do fit in, I feel more confident and I love presenting myself to the world and showing that I can be the leader, the party starter and the best damn lover they ever had
    It's been a gruelling year though in ways. I've failed with girls multiple times, and my needy side needed to be eradicated. I've made an effort to talk to LOTS more people, mostly with resounding success, sometimes with painful rejection, which is becoming easy to brush off. I'm a top guy, if you don't wanna know me then your loss is my attitude, though sometimes I still have to fight off my over-analysis and remind myself how far I've come after a particularly hard failure.
    BUT, I've slept with quite a decent number of women, made many, many new friends, gained a sense of self and become the life of the party, and I'm having an absolute blast doing it! I just got home from a FWB house (and ran into her estranged Dad at the front door on my way out, but thats another story haha). I'm currently talking to 4 other girls, dating frequently and getting closer and closer with girls in my social circle I'm partially interested in, without feeling like I'm trying. I'm slowly achieving abundance!
    The game used to feel awkward to me, like I was putting on a mask as I've heard others describe it. But I'm now finding my naturally cocky funny side has appeared, I'm always on, always smiling and always having fun, pickup is there, but it's not something I consciously do to often any more. My natural side is appearing thanks to the attraction community, and I have you guys to thank for my transformation. I didn't really know how to put the last year into words, but I hope this helps to see the effect pickup can have on a mans overall demeanour confidence and personality.
    Breaking up with my ex and discovering pickup has turned my life around. It's not just about picking up girls, it's about improving yourself as a person. I still have a long way to go, but my success within the last year and seeing how far I've come from my original post has really made me feel this stuff is real, it's learnable and it's damn fun! So go forth fellow newbs, bolster thy confidence and go and break some hearts! (No not really, 'better then you found em' remember tiger!)
    Thanks guys!


    (TL;DR?? Long story short, the game is worth learning and I wish I'd discovered the community earlier as it's helped me tremendously.)

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    Love the post! Glad to hear about your life transformation.

    For the next post - please break apart the paragraphs a bit. The big jumble of words without spacing makes it a bit hard on the eyes.

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