What Are the Best Daygame Strategies?
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    What Are the Best Daygame Strategies?

    i've read jeremy soul's book.. but 'd like more options on how to approach and hook in daygame... what are the best daygame strategies that you guys tried or seen?

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    I'm a very situational person and usually try to capitalize on something she's doing or something that's happening around us. On a flight once, the hot girl next to me who I hadn't even talked to yet was so nervous she was rattling her phone against the armrest before take off. I gently grabbed her phone with one hand and held her hand with my other one and said "we can die together". She laughed and said "thanks". In a bold move I started going through her pictures while talking to her and she watched and just kept talking about how she was scared. After a couple pics a few topless ones of her pop up and I pretended I needed a closer look and let go of her hand and gently pulled at her top. Here's a girl I had never met before lettin me flip through her dirty pics and almost inviting me to look down her shirt in public just bc I was calm, confident, and genuinely nice to her. That was 5 years ago and she's still one of my close friends.

    Since then I've always use the calm confident and gentle approach on most day game sets. It's let me pull a girl into my lap in a hot tub that I hadn't even said a word to... Look at many other girls phones and put my number, call myself and then keep textin them... And take several women on instant dates. If she's reading a magazine/book in a book store, an approach is a simple as saying "you're not supposed to read the whole thing here... You read tonight after our date"... I saw a sexy girl looking through the romance novels on a Sunday morning and said "you should be ashamed of your self".. She asks why in a confused look and I joked about how most women are in church right now and you're over here trying to find a good sex story to turn you on later... From then on it was non stop laughs and drinks later on that night. You can do direct approaches if you want... But I find more success by just making normal conversation and being bolder than 99% of other people that she meets in the day.

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