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her: lol i asked him about u awhile ago, after the whole johnson thing i thought u were gay for the longest

me: Fail! stop playin thats why you never talk to me?

her: yea lol

me: i swear you are either the weirdest girl iv met or the coolest. maybe alittle bit of both. lol i thought you were anti-socal and lonely honestly

her: lol how am i weird?!
lol wow
low blow

me: not even
im not tryin to be

her: anti social and lonely?
ahah im the opposite

me: every time i was you you were rushin and never said anything to anyone

her: i think that point in time i was talkin to mari and he did me wrong so i stopped talkin to ppl

me: but i know you arent now lol trust me i learned not to judge a book by its cover. thats why im glad im getting to know u now
maybe thats why
but No i know your not like that im glad you arent

her: im so dorky its terrible

me: ugh i wish more girls were
I keep running into these really gorgeous but Boring girls ... i hate it
i have a open and active personality.

her: poor you
i mean for the gorgeous boring girls

me: im not worried about it, i just move on

her: I like nerdy guys
guys with character

me: find one yet?

her: what?

me: yea your nerd

her: i do have a bf

me: What I feel Used jk you better tell Bf number 2 he can only have you on Tuesdays

her: lol ur so silly

her: u must be talkin to hella females

me: whats makes you say that?

her: hmm cause ur good lookin and ur game

me: Lol stop shit testing me , we all ready discussed that i wasnt a man hoe.

her: i know!! lol
i cant help it
i can honestly say at first i judge a book by its cover
until i actually look into it u kno?

me: thats not good you'll know what you may miss. ever watch Aladdin " a diamond in the rough"