When to number close online?
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    When to number close online?

    I've been chatting up this random HB on facebook. I'm not actually sure when to attempt a number close. Here is the entire conversation. She seems to be into me I think haha.

    Me: I'm Adam, not sure if we've met or not but you look really familiar. You're pretty cute. Are you fun and interesting too? I'm kinda picky

    HB: I'm Taylor, pretty sure I've never met you, what makes you fun and interesting your not the only picky one

    Me: Hmm cute and picky?! Let me guess, you're a serial killer?? Haha

    HB: You guess correctly one day I will be more well known then Ted bundy

    Me: Oh goodness please don't chop me up. And just what do you like to do for fun besides being a serial killer??

    HB: Well when I'm not on the job at night, I have to put a normal front up so I like to go kayaking, love sports really anything outside. But I like to read too gotta keep up with what my other serial killer friends are up to so what do you do for fun

    Me: Good you can't let them out do you, I bet you will be more famous than Ted Bundy one day. As for me, well when I'm not being super awesome, I love anything that involves in the water, all sports (yes even soccer) anddd hiking. So tell me you haven't transfered to JSU yet have you?

    HB: I transferred there this spring but never went but I will be there this fall cause I'm out of classes I can take at GSCC, and that's one sport I'm completely not a fan of soccer no point in it to me

    Me: I'm sorry but we can no longer be friends but yea jsu can be real strict about what you take. Gotta take 64 hrs at jsu. I transferred this past fall. So what are you planning on doing with your jsu education?

    HB: I'm going into dietetics, what are you there for

    Me: I'm going into accounting. That's really cool. What are you wanting to do after graduation?

    HB: Kinda in the air there's a lot I want to do with it lol maybe travel or stay here and work at a gym or hospital not real sure yet, wbu

    Me: Haha you could be a nutritionist to the stars! I plan on getting a job in an accounting firm and then going back to get my CPA license. I'm almost thinking about traveling to a bigger city to work because that would be awesome but I'm also real close with family so I may wait a few years to do that.

    So that's the convo. Most responses were spaced out at about and hour at a time. So is she into me you think and is it time to go on for a number close? Also should I try to ask her to hang out this weekend? I'm new to this facebook game stuff.

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    Who knows if she's into you our not but do it now. If she says no or doesn't respond, big deal. At least you're not wasting your time.

    I can't believe this random Facebook thing actually works by the way. I would feel like a major creep.

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    I'm shocked too man. I used it last night and I was shocked at how many girls responded and wanted to play along. Who knows if anything will come out of it but I had nothing to lose haha

  4. Looking at your conversation, she seems somewhat interested that she asking you questions back and elaborating on stuff. But i think you need to make the convo more interesting and hence get her more interested in you before going for a number close.

    Here's a trick ive used in the past and it seems to work. Let the conversation come to a natural point where (jokingly) you might owe her something or have to make up for something. If you don't get what I mean tell me. But anyway, when this is the case you can give her your number then, along with a playful line = 'hopefully that makes us square ' and then say you have to go. She now has your number so if she is interested she will text/call you.

    The point in this is so that you can tell if she's interested and if she is you have her number.

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