does she want attention or is she interested?
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  1. does she want attention or is she interested?

    This girl used to text me everyday for like a couple of months but I never gave her the attention at first. But when I did, she stopped.

    I'm not sure if she's interested because she backs off when I make a move, but whenever I'm cold she comes back and is flirty.

    I broke contact with her and we didn't speak to each other over a period of time.

    I saw her on New Year and we talked and she acted flirty and complied to my kino etc. So I text her two days later. Everytime she replied, she took a couple of hours and gave short answers, didn't initiate in the convo. So I stopped texting her.

    Three months later, march, it was my birthday and she text me out of the blue "Happy Birthday Sean " I text her back "Thank you *name* " and she replied with "". I never replied to that text.

    Fast forward one month: I'm was walking outside and I saw her. I saw her before she saw me. At first she didn't notice that I'd seen her so she tried to change route. But as soon as she noticed that I'd seen her, she came to me. Before she said hi, I said:

    Me: I saw what you did (that she tried to ignore me)
    Her: Yeah, because I'm mad at you
    Me: And why is that?
    Her: Because you never text or say hi
    Me: *igonore her, look at my phone and start texting a friend*
    Her: *touching my arm to get my attention* SEE! you're not even looking at me right now!
    Me: I saw what you did.. *keep texting*
    Her: It's good that you saw that! I texted you on your birthday and you didn't even text me back!!!
    Me: *I see her book that she's holding, grab it from her and read the cover*

    My body language was not towards her. She was facing me and touching me to get my attention while I acted aloof (in a flirty way).

    I think her Happy Birthday text was a bait for me to start texting her again which I didn't take.

    So, should I just cut her off completely and ignore her? Or should I text her? It feels like everytime I make a move it goes no where.

    I feel like I have the upper hand right now and I'm being a challenge to her, being cocky and funny around her but I still don't know.

    What does this girl want from me? What should my next moves be? Should I back off or what?

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    Don't think you have the upperhand. when you do, then you let your guard down. And never let it down, they can tell!

    Your upperhand is when you are acting straight and stiff. They feed on emotion they can't handle straight questions or answers, they always think there is a catch, so when you think you have done something clever with an emotional move like, fake texting, not showing attention even though it is only you to around.

    good option in your situation is turn to Serious cocky/cold...
    "Hey, i'm sick of you just thought you should know"

    This is epic.
    1. She knows you as a sweet kinda guy since you have been texting for a few months.
    2. You reverse her anger, to think you might be mad.
    3. She will want to know if you are mad and why.
    4. Great conversation starter
    5. She wont be able to read what you are doing, "I'ts to direct and serious"
    6. She thrives on drama
    7. She looses control = You have the power.
    8. She will try to please you.
    9. you can keep it going for ur advantage, make her pay drinks and so on. (Act like she did something wrong)

    After you write this, you need to wait 5 hours (Daytime) before responding
    She will send a text asking why, and by how many times she contacts you to reply you can tell how much she acutally likes you. third text for a reply, calling and so on. just wait 5 hours with a reply.

    Good Luck

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    Why think about it? Seems like a lot of "playing around." If you like her, invite her out and make a move.

  4. so should I text her? or should I wait for us to bump into each other again?

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    Invite her to a hangout with friends. Something casual and something you're doing already. Make it low key and low investment. Make her comply before extending the invite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotstuff View Post
    Don't think you have the upperhand. when you do, then you let your guard down. And never let it down, they can tell!
    So true!

  7. Why do we make things soooooo complicated?

    Don't think. Call or text her and invite her out. Forget trying to do things smoothly. Express your intent with women. You'll lose some, you'll get some but you'll gain abundance and have more time to meet new women instead of "plotting"

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    When it is to good to be true, then it never ends up well. I am sure everyone have tried the nice guy act. Expressing true feelings to a girl. But you are doomed to fail with it. 99% of the time it will fail, and definitely when you guys haven't even slept in the same room together.

    When more then 4 months has passed, with a girl and you haven't f closed, then something is up, you need to change your way, she has tangled you into her little web, and mind fucking you atm. She knows it and you know it, it is time to change your strategy.

    If you are determined to get this specefic girl, then you need to risk loosing her, try to acknowledge that you don't need her, because that is the only thing that will prevent you from succes. Forsee her next step, always think of the worst scenario.

    She will be happy that you texted her, but you are giving her confirmation that she still has control. Only way around it is to be unpredictable. Act cold, no long texts keep it short, make her ask questions. There is plenty of stuff you can do in this situation. just "no happy ending movie ripoff". (trying to be the nice guy)

  9. thanks for the advice guys

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