Meeting her parents!
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    Meeting her parents!

    Back story - met this chick online about a month ago. Everything has been going very well. A few very good dates, texting everyday, etc etc. I basically have this girl in a soon to be girlfriend position as she keeps hinting at the idea. I recently asked her to join me on a trip to Atlantic City for a friend's 21st bday. She was more than excited to come, but asked if I'd first meet her parents. Now I'm totally fine with meeting her parents, but her idea and my idea of meeting the parents was far different. I thought "Hi, how are you" talk for 10 minutes and go about our night. She, instead put together a night of us going out for drinks with her parents on a Friday night. Definitely not the meeting the parents I am used to from past experiences, but I guess this is how it's going down, so basically I'm looking for advice on how to handle this. How do I go about a whole night of hanging out with her and her parents and make it something memorable in all their eyes? I want her parents to like me just as much as she does, especially because this chick is a hot blonde, so I'm sure she has guys around a lot. I want to not only have her in the position I have her in, but solidify myself as a possible boyfriend by getting her parents into me as well. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    I am facing a similar situation soon, so I am not experienced in this area. But my advice (take it or leave it) is don't try too hard. Just be straightforward, friendly, and don't forget to smile. If their daughter likes you very much, the parents will probably not be too hard to win over...

    Good luck! I'll be checking in to read others' comments, too

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    Drinks with the parents can be a moneymaker, or a death sentence.

    Do not get drunk. Do not get buzzed. Don't even let your speech slur. Were it me, I'd eat before going there, limit myself to 2 drinks (nursing them). Nobody wants their daughter dating the town drunk, and people always respect someone who can control their drinking.

    Meeting them in this fashion is actually a good thing, everyone relaxes. It certainly beats the time I met a girl's mom and my then-gf decided to have an open, graphic discussion with her mom about our sex life as I was sitting at the table. Remember that tale, and know that whatever you're facing is EASY!

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    Boston I hope I never have to be in a situation such as yours! Our "meet the parents" date was moved to another weekend...prob next weekend, so I am safe for now, but I appreciate the advice. Since I wrote that post me and this girl have officially started dating if you will, so winning over her parents, as it is still important, is slightly less important since I've obviously already won her over enough to have her call me her bf. Neverthless it doesn't change the fact that I will be taking all your advice into extreme consideration. Lucky for me, behind that tattoos and the fact that I play drums in a metal band (Which are parent's worst nightmares) I am also a CPA with a really really good job and a very good head on my shoulders. My plan of attack, do everything you said, hide the tattoos, try to not talk about the band unless asked, and play up my career!


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