I got a girl that Liked me a lot, to hate me... Think there's any way to fix it?

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  1. I got a girl that Liked me a lot, to hate me... Think there's any way to fix it?

    Met a girl named NotImportant. Called her out the next day to my girl friends birthday party and she brought a guy friend and the guy friend brought his sister Girl1. So the whole night im kinda gaming NotImportant, so i didn't pay attention to Girl1. So Girl1 was making friends with my girl friends the whole night.

    Next day i notice girl1 asking me to be facebook friend i accept.

    A week later, my girl friend told me she went to lunch with girl1. My girl friend said she was really nice.

    2 weeks go by and she facebooks me at 2Am saying " hey im at the club you work at. want to say hi" I replied "haha, i dont work at that club, i work at the hotel attached to the club"

    i more week go by and i get a text from her again at 2AM " Hey.. i think you're really cute"

    SO... At this point i think ok.... i will call her out an see what happens. So i asked her to go clubbing with me and my friends... and i found out she really is very nice. And she is an HB7 1/2... BUT that was the problem.. i wasn't ready for a girl friend. And she told my girl friend that she is not interested in an 1 night stand. So i basically pulled back and kept her as a friend.

    For about EIGHT month we would hang out and she would flirt and try to get me to make a move. She bared her soul to me. complimented me. And i just kept it in a friend zone. I was really surprised that she like me this much and try this hard for this long.

    So 2 month ago, i get in a car accident an messed up my leg. She came over and brought food to my house. We spent the whole night chatting like friends and at the end of the night i told her she could sleep in the guest room and i went to sleep in my room. Next morning we had lunch and she went home.

    So after seeing how nice she was to me, bringing me food, cleaning my house.. i've decided maybe I should go for her. So i decided to make a move the next time i see her.

    She texted me 2 days later:

    her: "hey wanna get a drink?"
    Me: " Sure"
    Her: " Or maybe some other time, i am kind of tired. which ever is fine"
    Me: "Me ok.. hahaha why dont you rest then and we will go out when you come back from vacation"
    Her: "sure"

    So when she came back from 3 days vacation i asked out for drinks, she said she cant cause she has to spend time with her family.

    a week later, i was clubbing and i ran in to her. I decided to run my game. I pulled her away from her friends and held her hand. took her around the club try to get her to drinking but she said she wasn't drinking. Some how i lost her and i got a text from her saying " Hey i lost you. I have to go back to the hotel with my friends cause we tired. hope you get home safe" I woke up the next day and texted her " oh my god, i drank so much last night! I was so hammered, ended up spending 40 bucks cab money to go home"

    after that she didn't text me back. A week go by and i texted her again " Hey happy day off, what are you doing tonight?" and again no reply.

    My girl friends think it was because she came to my house and i didn't make a move. One of my girl friend actually said " If i go to a dude i like's house, bring him food and do his dishes and he doesn't make a move. I would of seriously cried. I don't know how she spent the night. I would of just gone home and cried all the way"

    First i have to say, I know, i'm not surprised she probably hates me now. I'm surprised she hung around for so long. I am not too sad about this. I never liked her that much in the first place. That being said, if i do want to get her back, Is it too late? And if it is not too late, how do i go about getting her back?

  2. Good skills on keeping her so long dude, bad skills on not at least kissing her when she came to yours.

    If it were me, and to be fair I'm definitely no pro, but if she was really worth keeping around and she does seem like a pretty cool person for looking after you then my next move would be to show her some genuine interest, but NOT by text. Is there anyway you can get to meet her where she cant escape? Like her place of work or something, I wouldn't want to make it obvious that you just went to see her, like yesterday I went into a shop where some girl works that im gaming and made out I needed to buy my sister a present and it was all very relaxed although I think she was nervous because she was giggling like a school girl.

    so yeah if you do eventually get to talk to her in person explain that your sorry for being a dick and that you really like her company and that you think shes cool for being there for you when you broke your dick and grew a vagina when she came round. Ha only joking dude. You get the picture.

  3. Hahah. Yeah maybe i will try that. Im still not exactly sure what was the straw that broke the camels back.

    Was it cause she spent the night and i didn't do anything? Or was it because i saw her after that at a club, held her hand , then the next day texted her that i was crazy drunk. Or maybe after i didn't do anything with her when she spent the night, she figured i wanted to be friends so she got weirded out when i held her hand.. Yeah, im not really that in to her so i might just wait to see if she texts me again. I've gone 2 to 3 weeks with out texting her before she texted me again. Got a feeling if i ignore her she will come back. She usually always texts me if i dont text her for 2 to 3 weeks.

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