Girl tries to make me qualify myself

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    Girl tries to make me qualify myself

    Ok I was talking to an HB and I opened her with saying "you're pretty cute but are you fun and interesting too bc I'm picky." She then said "well what makes you fun and interesting bc you're not the only pick one"

    So what do I say to this. Should I just answer or what should I do?

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    Games... bitches love games.

    I would recommend making it a little bit of a game.

    do not directly answer her question instead try something like "what makes me fun and interesting??... maybe if you dont chase me away with your picky-ness you will find out :P "

    :P" at end is vital... and write it like this "picky-ness" its important use of language i dont have time to explain it in full.

    Its best to develop a slight cockyness with her but your number one tool in this kind of interaction is humour because thats whats going to get her to open up.

    I hope this helps you out.. keep it casual with a slight sexual, cocky frame. good luck my friend. APJ Xx

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