Reinitiating contact with a girl on POF
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  1. Reinitiating contact with a girl on POF

    Hi guys, last year I met a HB6 off POF. Anyways when I first met her she ended up being an 8 in person, so being the beta I was, I started acting really beta around her. Long story short, we met up a couple of times and that was it. Over the past year, I have gotten better with girls and I was just recently dumped by my gf, so I decided to open a POF account again. Turns out this same girl is back on POF. I was wondering how I should go about reinitiating contact or should I just move on. I'm pretty sure I could get with her now with my new found confidence.

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    It can't hurt, can it? You don't have her number still? It would seem weird to me to go through the same routine on an online site. But like I said, who the hell really cares? You have nothing to lose.

  3. No, I broke my phone a couple months back when I was drunk, lost all my contacts.

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    I went thru a similar situation. I met an absolutely gorgeous girl on there. We messaged a few times via POF, but it didn't go anywhere. She started ignorning my messages because I was sprinting to the finish line. About 2 or 3 months later I sent something along the lines of this "You still creeping on here" and something else along the lines of that. Turns out the 2nd time we hit it off. I got her fb, still couldn't number close but I started building comfort via FB and now were probably meeting up tonight. She said we could def hang out and that she found me very intriguing and saw us getting along well, but said she's not really looking for something long term, nor looking for a booty call but said we could be friends. I told her I'm going to continue hitting on her etc, moral of the story, just say something along the lines of what I did to reinitiate contact, tease, diqualify, etc. Just run solid game and that should open her back up. Good luck homie, I thought it was a hopeless situation with mine

  5. Thanks!!! I did message her a couple times and she eventually said lets be friends. I still asked for her number, so hopefully she gives it up, then I will try to work on her again, or become a good enough friend that she introduces me to her friends.

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    good plan....I'm drunk and narcissistic so I'm going to share my tale that'll maybe help you. That same girl, I just met up with her tonight. She's fucking gorgeous, and absolutely witty...we are currently still texting each other. I dq'ed her and she tells me "next time we go out I'll help to introduce you to an asian or hispanic"...what is she telling me? "I want to hang out with you again." Don't ever give up...ever! Until she tells you to fuck off you suck or any other form of verbal slander...if they continue to respond to you, and contribute to conversation, its the biggest IOI you can receive. Good night and god bless. BTW, I'm probably going to wifey this chick up...just thought I'd throw it out there

    and one more thing...when she says lets be friends...don't let that happen. She said the same thing to me...shit test! I told her thats okay, but just know I'm going to continue hitting on can tell me to stop and I'll respect that, but I'm going to try again 20 min later. Whatever her response is and she still says you guys can hang out...shes into you...Good luck!

  7. I just got her BBM, and I added her today, I haven't really talked to her to day though as I have been drinking and watching the hockey playoffs with my buddyies. Still trying to figure out how to start the converstation and what to talk about.

  8. Conejitto, keep me updated oh your wifey material and I will keep you updated on how mine went.

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    I suppose its good still. I usually only text them every few days or so. I think the quickest way to lose a chick is to hound really have to judge how into you she is. Theres still a few others I'm working on right I'm really just working on actually getting to know her. If I started dating her I probably wouldn't want to cheat on her...I'm going to try and get her out again this weekend. I'll keep you posted. BTW, little tip that helps some sort of role play and then a day or 2 later its a perfect way to reinitiate contact and then bring it up periodically throughout your interactions. I've been using role plays a lot, simple, off the cuff, and doesn't require a whole lot of thought

  10. I setup a get together this Saturday and trust me after getting dumped by my ex (major oneitis), I am not making the same mistake of just going gaming 1 chick. I am actually going in thinking I don't have a shot and so I got nothing to lose but to try.

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