Fader 3 day 1 on 1 - Tampa March 2012
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  1. Fader 3 day 1 on 1 - Tampa March 2012

    How do I start? Fader is a tremendous dating coach, but may be an even better life coach. His social skills, intuition, experience, etc., is astounding. Just by way of introduction, I am older, highly educated and successful, and financially independent. But for a long time my inner game was so screwed up due to painful upbringing I had no real chance. Fader was able to help me make a breakthrough in that area that I'd been struggling with for years...and I mean YEARS! After that, attracting women has become so much easier it's night and day.

    If you're looking for help, you just can't go wrong with him. If anyone wants more info or specifics, let me know and I'll bend your ear all you want.

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    This was a very interesting 1 on 1 for me. There were many reasons for this. First the student and I both took the same bootcamp together (1st ever Superconference in Feb 06). 2nd we ran into some girl who I had no clue who she was who I happened to have picked up in Cleveland on a workshop a couple of years ago. A lot of the students challenges had to do with inner game, once we got past that we were making tons of progress. I can't stress enough to people how important inner game really is. Inner game is everything. I have not been back to Tampa since and I am not sure there will be another for me before I head to Colombia but we will see.
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    Hey Chipper. Thanks for the post. I'm considering a 1-on-1 just to push my progress forward. I'm in a similar but different situation. Older, moved around a lot and really don't have the social network that a lot of other people do. Love the idea of going out and mackin' successfully nightly.

    What area of game were you guys working? Night/club? And what was the schedule like?


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