hit a snag in the convo the other night
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    hit a snag in the convo the other night

    So ive been doing my homework and i have some canned material but the other night i realized im really not great at transitioning the conversation. I hit points where i just dont know where to go next.

    For example: I have learned that girls dont wanna talk about work/jobs out at the bars.So In order to establish more of an emotional connection, i usually transition from "Oh so your job is blank" to "well what would you be if you could be anything in the world?"

    The girl said she would be a dancer. I guess she used to be like a competitive dancer but recently quit cause she found out there was no money in it.

    So i joked around a bit, talked about how i like to "drop it like it's hot" from time to time. Then, all of a sudden, i just couldnt think of where to go next. I dont know anything about dancing and i just felt like if i were to discuss it further i would be kind of beating a dead topic.

    Does anyone have a tip on how i could transition from this topic to another? or to a game or anything?!

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    Put a list of topics you can use cold in your phone, and when you feel like you have hit a snag, act like your phone is vibrating, and then read your list.

    Mystery used to advocate writing it down on a piece of paper, and then, blatantly, hold up one finger (as if to say "Wait a second") to the lady, pull out the list, read it, and then make it a point of carefully folding up the list, putting it back in his pocket, and then returning to the conversation.

    I can't pull that off.

    But, your phone is your friend. If you don't overdo it, every time you touch your phone, it gives a small amount of social proof. Text yourself shorthand for a half a dozen routines. Text yourself a couple of openers.


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