Now or never; time for a change!

I just snapped! Something just clicked and I went crazy... But I figured everything out. Everything. And I don't like it.
I was always a natural, kinda reserved so I was never the life of the party till I was comfortable with the people around, but I had all the girls I wanted until I got into a 7 years relationship that ended up sucking all my energy. It's now been two and a half years since I left thatrelation and I had no significant progress in that period. I just realized that I never let my ex go, even thought I wouldn't go back to tht situation (besides she's in a different country), but she keeps popping up. I'm not sure if it's here or I use her as an excuse because what I really miss is being in a bf/gf relationship.
I can't complain about my life, i am a musician with a growing career and fanbase so how can I feel bad when I've got lots of people telling me I'm the man? Well, I've been finding excuses and negging myself a lot lately, when reality is I'm not doing anything for myself, I'm not changing my life around and life ain't gonna change by itself. I need to do something.

This thread will be my journal. But not a normal approach/dates/whatever journal but a journal on becoming who I was and yet a better version. A journal on achieveing what i want and need. And here I am taking my first step, aknowledging the situation... Now, let's make something happen!

Thanks for reading