Picking up a working girl
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  1. Picking up a working girl

    So I usually stop at this coffee place on my way to school and there is this cute girl who works behind the counter, we exchange a few words and I've caught her staring at me and she always rushes to help me. I didn't really think anything of it until the other day.
    I went to a bar on Friday night with a bunch of friends, being the DD so obviously wasn't acting crazy. So I grab some coffee sunday and this chick was like I definitely saw you at that bar on Friday. So I assumed she was interested or else she wouldn't have said anything. I proceeded to flirt a bit, made a shit joke and she thought it was funny.

    Anyways I go into today same thing happens, there are other people behind the counter but she stops what she was doing and comes to serve me, so I talk to her briefly but I was running late so couldn't do anything.

    My question is obviously this girl wants it, how do I give/get her number without being creepy? I've only given my number out before when I was working, not the inverse.
    Hope you guys can give me some advice

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    You should change the title of your thread, when I read "working girl" I thought "prostitute"...this is not the same.

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    Congrats Boston, you're my 100th like. But yeah this thread title made it too easy. I seriously did a "Say what?" move in my chair reading it. But fair is fair, here's a little bit of advice...ask her out, she's giving you IOIs like crazy and you both frequent the same bars, so you've got an easy way in. She's into you, now grow some balls, put your wallet back in your pants and go get some.

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    Agreed. Tell her the next time she goes to that bar, it should be on your arm. And hand her your phone to put her number in.

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    A situation like this happened to me in a McDonalds. We started talking and I wrote my number on a napkin with "You seem pretty cool, let's hang." And she texted me later that night, what was funny was that a guy I was hanging with me was all creeper-hung up on her.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Triple S View Post
    You should change the title of your thread, when I read "working girl" I thought "prostitute"...this is not the same.
    Just clicked to see how that's working out for OP but squinted to your post and got bored.

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    As long as I'm not the one that's boring you that's good. As for how to pick up a working girl, have a car and 100 $, that should do it.

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    GOLD stuff here!! ask for a coffee cup.. and a pen .. write your number in it.. gie it back to her and be like best prize you will EVER win on any roll up the rim.. or.. just be like i am attracted to you.. and want to talk to you more.. you should give me your number

  9. Hey thanks for the advice guys really appreciate it. Got her number the other day, after she started giving me free coffee, i figured i had to ask for it. I just told her she needs to give me her number and I'll buy her coffee sometime.

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