LR - SNL Street Pick Up - Sunday, September 18, 2011

It is a somewhat old LR but please help me to analyze what I wrote, since I am a little bit rusty as of now with this stuff.

I want to streamline my SNLs using this lay report that I wrote a few days after my lay with this girl. It was long ago and I got into this weird pseudo-relationship with her, where I called her a fuck buddy and she would come over everyday.


Note: This girl was meant for pre-selection for the night, but ended up getting fucked on the same night. Needed a back-up I guess.

Me and Anthony decide we are going to hit up some bars in the gateway before heading down to Bernies for the dubstep concert that was going down on this particular night. I am approaching all the sets coming our way as usual. Near Bento Go-Go, I open a single set, a girl with blonde hair. She is wearing all black.

I open with “Hi, what’s your name?”. She says ******* and I shake her hand while she gives me her name. I comment a little on her black boots that she is wearing and the whole black attire she has going on. I ask if she is obsessed with the color black, and she says she likes wearing black stuff cuz she looks good in it. I tell her I like black too and that’s why I’m wearing my black leather jacket and black gloves and stuff. I think our similar colored clothing may have created an initial connection. Spin her around to compliance test. Smoothly transition into arm-in-arm and isolate her to the bench facing south campus adjacent to Bento Go-Go.

I sit her down adjacent to me (Anthony is just hanging around observing everything). I use the L.A. Handshake routine on her. She tries it but is sitting down and is doing it in a submissive way (submissive cold read to frame her to act in a submissive way hence forth—Part of the handshake consists of kissing your thumb, I told her that since I kissed my thumb first and she did it second that I am the dominant one and she is the submissive one—I recall that she agreed that she is submissive). I tell her that I love her style and that I stopped her because I noticed her sense of fashion and that I am really into that stuff as well. I ask her where she is coming from. She says she got off work (Easton). She later tells us that her roommate (a guy) was calling over a girl so she went for a walk. I notice that she is really submissive and every compliance test is passed with great ease (the way she acts is all bubbly and I feel zero resistance when kino escalating. I keep testing further and further. I grab her hand again and play thumb-wrestling a bit cuz I’ve run out of shit to say in this phase of the pick-up. I stay silent for a bit. My calibration tells me she is about to say “oh I have to get going now” or “I need to get back to my friends” (the usual FTC girls throw against guys in field), so to disarm it, I tell her “I know exactly what you will do ten seconds into the future”. I’ve basically pre-emptively disarmed her FTC. She now stays silent and sits there while I look at her. Tension builds. I tell her to stand up and lead her by the hand to sit on Anthony’s lap. She ends up sitting half her ass on my lap and half on Anthony’s. She stays there for a while and I tell her to stop trying to seduce me and push her off (I sensed that she was about to get off by herself because of Anti-Slut Defense)—we were attracting attention from crowds walking past. More silence and more tension builds while she stands there with me and Anthony sitting down. I break the tension by telling her in a disinterested –I don’t give a fuck about this interaction anymore—way : “Alright you’re our body guard all the way up to gateway and after that your job is done and you can go.” I put her on my arm and tell Anthony to be arm-in-arm on the other side of her.

Now, she is walking down north high street with a guy on each arm. This opens itself up to teasing. I call her a pimp and accuse her of trying to pimp guys off and tell her she’s a player. Basically bust on her for having us on her arms. She has no resistance still. We go to Mad Mex. At this venue I am constantly kino-plowing her, exchanging scarfs with her and putting my feather boa around her neck. She had her hair done in a complicated hairstyle. I told her I think she would look really cute with her hair straight and down. She basically undoes her hair for me. I feel through it and play with it, putting it behind her ears occasionally. CRUCIAL: I used a move called the “Boyfriending Technique” on this girl at Mad Mex. This move is small but generates massive comfort in a matter of seconds and builds a temporary pair bond connection. Look it up on google. I basically told her to stay still and not blink and cleaned off the part of the eye that can have eye crust after a long night of sleep. (There was nothing there, but the technique is centered around the fact that only couples are comfortable enough with each other to do gross stuff like that). I qualify her about whether she can cook and whether she has traveled anywhere. This opens up threads to discuss my experiences in Scotland when I studied abroad and my dream to travel the world.

Most important part at Mad Mex, besides me fluffing with her and getting to know her and stuff was Getting her to invest in me.

I get her to invest in me by playing the five questions game with her so that she buys me drinks. After she lost the game, I basically told her that I will get the next round, but that she has to get this one. Psychologically she has now invested in me even though we basically paid for our own drinks (both of us got PBR) lol.

I do two takeaways during the interaction during which Anthony keeps her occupied with logical questions such as “What’s your major?” etc. The takeaways consist of going to the bathroom to take a piss. I also open a girl who is sitting on my right and she seems friendly (has been giving me I0Is for a while so I figure why not use her to build a jealousy plotline?) So I use the girl to the right to make my target jealous. My back is facing the target while I am gaming the new girl. Target is visibly getting more and more attracted to me as I keep talking to the new girl. After a bit, I turn back to the target and continue giving attention to her.
Anthony and I are discussing the wine that’s at his place and how we can use it to pregame more and get drunk as fuck. He complains about not having a wine bottle opener. He tells me he wants to stop at CVS to see if they carry it. Instead we go to UDF to check for it. He finds it. My girl tells us she’ll wait for us outside. This is what we call willingness to walk away. I am unphased when she says this and say “okay” and go in with Anthony. We then bounce to his place for drinking of wine. Basically we didn’t even mention the fact that she was coming along. We just “let it happen” and she didn’t object. We just asked her if she likes red wine or white wine better, to which she responded with passive compliance, saying “Red Wine”. Note: one of the excuses for her following us around all night was that she agreed to go to bernies for the event that was gonna happen there that night. This was a plausible deniability that was injected into the conversation. After drinking wine at Anthony's place, instead of going to the basement for Bernies, we decided that we weren't drunk enough (even if we were) and that we should "swing" by my place (also a plausible deniability) to pre-game with 151 and coke. We did not ask her to come to any of the places we bounced her to... we just discussed the situation among the two of us and decided where we were going (not consulting her). Her tagging along with us was passive compliance.

Quick mention: We stopped by NYPD (pizza place where I work temporarily) to introduce her to the coworkers and owner. Anthony and I eat some pizza there and it is here that I decide that I will fuck my target instead of use her for preselection, because it is looking desolate outside with no bars or clubs being alive. While ordering pizza, I had my girl put on my leather jacket and do a photoshoot with three pics at NYPD. Compliance test for this was.... "Hey, you'd look good in a leather jacket... let’s do a photoshoot".

Anthony lives right next to Bernies (the dubstep event place) so we tell her we’ll come downstairs after pre-gaming. We go to his place and he tells her to take off her shoes (he tells everyone this). AN0THER CRUCIAL PART 0F THE SNL: IGNITING THE FIRE- Igniting the fire consists of putting something relevant to my place in her mind. I used my computer to ignite the fire. I told her “Hey are you into technology?” “I have this awesome computer I built when I was like 17 years old. I’ve always been into computers and technology. Blah blah blah” (Showed her pictures of my computer system in my phone). She is amazed. Somewhere in here I mention that everyone comments on it when they are at my place. We all have a glass of red wine. It tastes like shit. But I and the girl play the elbow-in-elbow game of chugging wine. We get done fast. Ever since we were hanging out at Mad Mex, I’ve been mentioning the fact that Anthony and I took 151 shots at my place before heading out and that the booze is at my place. So, the bounce to my place is pretty much done because of the two seeds (computer and alcohol). I mention we should drink more 151 at my place and then come back to Bernies and we all head out after a little convincing by me.

Before heading out of Anthony's place, I tell my target that I'm wearing her boots and that she should wear my shoes while we head to my pad. N0TE: Learned this from interactions involving Justin J T Miller: Never ask girls to come back to "my place". Be creative. Call it a pad, call it mansion, call it the dugout, anything but "my place" because it triggers instant ASD. Anytime I mentioned my place with this girl, I used "the mansion" as a euphemism.

0n the way to my place, which is down the street from Anthony’s, I mention to her that since we’re drinking more at my place this gives me an opportunity to show her that awesome computer I was telling her about earlier.

We get to my place and we’ve been talking about this Scarface video we want her to see the whole time through. We get the subwoofer out and play it loud. It’s hilarious and we’re all laughing our asses off while drinking 151 and coke. The final step to get her alone is now in order. I have to get Anthony to leave without making it seem like I want him to leave. I see that there are only two shots left of 151 in the bottle. There is no coke left though. So I tell Anthony to watch my stuff while I go with my girl to get chasers from CVS. We go there and get Arizona Mango. The guy at the counter tries AMoGGing me saying I bring girls in here all the time. I counter it with some silly shit about the pet panda I always bring along that’s on a leash. While I am at CVS, I text Anthony to tell my girl that his girlfriend called him up and that he has to leave. We come back from CVS hand holding knowing exactly wtf is going down tonight. When we get back, Anthony leaves me alone with my target just as planned. I close her within about 10 minutes of him leaving. No LMR. I did encounter a little bit at first when I tried to pull down her dress to get to the tits, but I backed off when resistance was shown. It started out with heavy making out, rubbing her pussy through her pants, and biting her neck and smelling up her hair and shit. She was begging me to help her take her clothes off. When fucking a new girl, you should stay in the foreplay zone until she is so turned on that her desire to fuck overwhelms her anti-slut defense. 0h and I got this one on audio for the two of four hours of drunken sex, if anyone wants to hear some depraved shit.