Complete apartment makeover
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  1. Complete apartment makeover

    Hi there,

    I have the privilege of moving into an empty apartment soon, so I need to buy pretty much everything new.

    Now my goal is to make it the most pleasurable place to live (and sleep ) in which women want to stay and feel at home.

    But frankly, I don't have a good style and I've never really gotten any compliments on any apartment I lived in. Actually, one friend even called it "sterile".

    - What kind of bed do women find sexy? Which ones scream "come linger"?
    - What kind of lighting?
    - What colors, what style?
    - What type of couch?
    - What accessories? Rugs?
    - What kind of pictures or decoration?
    - Any "toys"? Like an aquarium or smoothie maker to bait girls into the apartment?
    - How clean should it be?

    Any help? Any advice?
    Anything that has worked amazingly for you?

    I found Lovedrop's "pleasure bubble" apartment makeover video on youtube and it looks quite cool. Do you know any other books or sources?

    Oh, and I live in continental Europe, in case there's a big difference in taste.
    Any stores people can recommend in Europe?

    I'd really appreciate any help.

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    I am going through a similar thing right now... I live in Germany and im in the process of decorating my place also to make it more comfortable.

    Things I have noticed thats big here is location, size and if you have a terrace to chill out or BBQ on and i managed to get on all 3.

    In my place I have a "bar" complete with bar stools and when people are over i stand on the other side and serve drinks which makes for a great atmosphere.

    Im working on the pictures still.. Since I am from American and NYC i am working on doing a NYC manhattan styled apartment with pictures of different places around the city.

    I would say also if possible you should get a nice sized and comfortable leather couch, pretty decent sized flat screen tv and surround sound to go with it.. This carries a nice sound throughout the apartment when u turn it up for parties as well.

    I am also looking into the possibility of getting those indoor fireplaces that you like with fluid and doesnt need coals or wood or anything but looks awesome.. Google it!

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    Decor is my Achilles' heel. I often get told that my houses don't look lived in, sterile, cold, empty, blah blah blah. I'm definitely interested in hearing some input on this topic.

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    Pictures can add more life. I have pictures of places I have been. Most people are entertained as they look around.

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    Ask women to help you out with decor and colours. More often than not they are game to help out a bit.

    I'm decorating my small apartment too and the best advice has come from women. One even wants to design curtains

    - What kind of bed do women find sexy? Which ones scream "come linger"? : a large bed. It should be accessible from both sides. You can spice it up with different coloured linen later..
    - What kind of lighting? : lots of different types. Think lightning in terms of "zones" where you eat/work/play/fck. Lots of local lightning, not just a single bulb in the ceiling. Dimmer will be handy in bedroom, living room, bathroom.
    - What colors, what style? : small rooms, light and pastel colours. Light colours will make the room look more spacious. Avoid dark/bright colours in smaller rooms. You need to choose a main colour for 70%+ of the area (think very light beige with a hint of yellow or whatever, very safe choice and safe is not a bad thing, you can always add interesting details with stronger colours if you like), a stronger accent colour to compliment it, and something interesting to top it off. A cool piece of furniture, wall in bright colour, ... . Brown and Gray do not mix well, so choose either one if you want to. Ask someone that you know has an eye for that, for help with the colour scheme.
    - What type of couch? : One that's comfortable to sit on, and big enough for two people to sleep on it.
    - What accessories? Rugs? : Rugs can be a pain in the ass to clean. Choose more interesting furniture instead, just one or two pieces. Interesting. Not IKEA.
    - What kind of pictures or decoration? : Whatever you like.
    - Any "toys"? Like an aquarium or smoothie maker to bait girls into the apartment? : Unless you are really are into fish as pets, don't buy an aquarium. You need to clean and take care of it. Get an interesting book (Kama Sutra? :P) instead that just happens to be visible when women come over. Or anything else "cool", that you can tell a story about.
    - How clean should it be? : Always clean when you invite someone over. Choose the colours and materials solely based on how easy they are to clean. That makes everything a lot easier in the long run.
    + Think ahead, you need a lot of different places to keep your stuff.

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