Gaming up girls that only/usually date only one kind of guy? Can good game triumph?

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  1. Gaming up girls that only/usually date only one kind of guy? Can good game triumph?

    Hows it going everyone, I've always been the kind of guy that believed good hygiene, good game, and some money would give you the necessary weapons to game up any kind of girl but I'm not so sure anymore.

    I'm sure everyone on this forum hails from different parts of the world, but here in LA fake-titty asian girls are rampant. I'm of mixed asian descent, so that's always been a DHV for me that has allowed me to game the hot normal university bound asian/philipino girls. But for the life of me I cannot game up the asian hoodrat types. If you're reading this and have no idea what I am talking about have a look at this thread... scroll down a bit and read up on "asian gangster girls".

    Another type of girl I can't get if my life depended on it are the 'hot ass party girls'. You always end up seeing them at the nightclub with guys popping bottles that wear the shirt two sizes too small, v neck, barb wire tattoo, may or may not where affliction/tap out but definitely wearing a small ass shirt.

    Don't get me wrong all though the money is obviously a factor for these type of girls, it just seems like if you have the look (ex. for the asian hoodrat girls tattoos, and how hard you look) you're 90 percent there. I think good physical looks are important for the party type girls, but not so much for the asian hoodrat types who are more keen on your presense, tattoos etc.,. Anyway how would you guys suggest gaming up those type of girls?

  2. forgot to add, I consider myself, and from what others have told me good looking, don't have too much money tho lol but even when me and my buddies got bottles in nightclubs even in Vegas, we've never gamed up girls that fine.

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    Hey buddy,
    Asian girl with fake tits and tatoo is my type of girl. Now there aren't that many at a single night club per nightly basis. Buddy, have you done stripper game? At San Jose, CA, it is a Vietnamese-Rich strip club place. Hope that help
    What are your experience in stripper game? or Hire Gun?

  4. My asian half is vietnamese so of course I know San Jose my boy lol! I've been with one stripper but I gamed her in Vegas not at the actual strip club fine as hell, but crazy. Other than that I've been with mostly normal chicks. Glad i'm not the only one that wants to go out with those type of girls, the problem is once these girls get those fake tits they feel the need to either start stripping/model/coffee shop which gives them status in their eyes and makes things harder. It's just all around tough because I feel that for those type of girls they either start doin one of the above jobs or they already used to having sugar daddy hood types (gangsters) taking care of them. Don't get me wrong I gamed up a hot vegas chick (half white/half mexican) when I was there a little while back, who's ex drove a lambo, dude was rich; but I feel for asian girls once they've had the taste of louis, gucci they don't want to go back, and why should they? They have so many dudes hollering why settle for anything less?

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